Horoscope Based on Your Sun Sign

You will often come across people who claim that Astrology simply doesn’t work because people cannot, in clear mind, be divided into twelve categories. The philosophy behind claims such as these is shallow and doesn’t show knowledge of actual ways of Astrology no more than a large percent of people would have an opinion on constellation of The Swan. The truth is people can be divided into two categories if we talk about men and women, but you won’t see others question gender division on a physical level very often. Body parts as well as your DNA simply define it and that is that.

How It Came to Be?

Centuries and even millennia ago, Astrology was developed as a part of “mathematical sciences”, or what we would call natural sciences today. At first, it was impossible to draw a chart of any kind, and movements in the skies were linked to different deities, their strengths and weaknesses, stories they were a part of, and were considered to influence the way crops will behave, grow, and be harvested year after year. Later on, as geometry developed, it became possible to draw some simplified charts, but they took a lot of scientific knowledge and an advanced approach to astronomy and mathematics. These became popular with rulers and important persons who had money to pay for services of such educated individuals, and so primal Natal Astrology was born.

As we all know, curiosity is in the foundation of our human nature, and we have to understand that many were intrigued by these methods of learning and the way “stars” influenced our lives. To find middle ground, it was only natural to base all calculations on our obvious life-giver, the Sun, being a vast influence that fulfills our days. It is obviously the most significant and magnificent celestial body, and different from all others that the human race reached any knowledge of. On top of that – it was the easiest thing to do, as the Sun moved in “obvious ways”, without turning backwards, or making you question its cycle at all. Since people were born in just as obvious parts of the year, this was a way to analyze and label their personalities on a day-to-day scale, and give some predictions or words of wisdom depending on the Astrologer’s scientific knowledge.



The Truth behind Simplicity

While so many newspaper, webpages and astrologers give their daily, weekly and monthly predictions for Sun signs all the time, it is no wonder that filters of our perception are so off and a need to defend ourselves has risen. Still, if you think of this current situation as a call for help Astrology is trying to make, maybe you’ll feel a bit lighter and see that education, knowledge and expertise kept this (pseudo)science safe for centuries, before its scientific status was taken away.

The Sun is the biggest celestial body in our Solar system, presenting over 99% of its mass. Where it found its place in our personal charts must be important from the point of Astrology then, wouldn’t you think? If we accept its role, we will come to see that just as there is a division of humankind by genders, religions, or race, there is no reason to dismiss that there is a possibility for us to be divided into twelve signs, on some similarly superficial level. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do everything in our power to reach for Unity, and this is definitely what the Sun itself wants us to find, but simply puts things into perspective. While we all search for a world without discrimination and a peaceful place where we love all humans as equals, we are also proud of our individuality, and truly blossom only once we discover and embrace our differences.

If we look beyond the surface of the Sun’s individual role in our charts, we will see that we are defined by so much more. We are all in the chase of self-recognition, ease of expression, and that inner fire inside our bellies that creation brings, all ruled by the Sun. Many people won’t even look like their Sun sign, with their ascendants, first house rulers, the Moon, or other important entities in no significant connection to it on a personal level. But neither will all women be feminine, wearing pink skirts or high heels every day. This won’t stop us from naming them “women” will it?

Sun Sign and Its Primary Meanings

Every Astrologer will interpret the Sun as one of the entities in your chart. It is a planet of core personality, will, our boss, inner creative fire, stomach, heart, gut feeling, father, light, warmth, kindness, ego, egocentrism, narcissism, Unity, husband, and so on. The Sun is a masculine principle inside us that helps us move forward and discover who we truly are, and what this incarnation or embodiment wants us to become, materialize, or achieve. It is the image we want to show to the world, our expression and our light of truth. While each of us might be guided primarily by the position of Venus, Mars, or even Pluto in a distant way, our core of masculine aware energy is defined by the position of our Sun through the sign and house it is in, by its aspects, and rule.

Horoscopes for the Masses

With all that is stated kept in mind, we will see that daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes might not be such a fraud after all. The sea of human error is vast and predictions are bold, edgy, often untrue and mostly just unnecessary. The atmosphere of the horoscope might not find us dazzled, and instead of us, it might affect our bosses, fathers, husbands, or anyone else posing for our Sun. But the purpose of these horoscopes isn’t to predict your future or define who you are. Their purpose is to shine a photon of light in your path, reflect the atmosphere your stomach will sense, and through resentment or acceptance (it really isn’t picky), guide you towards a better sense of Self and ways to shine as a brilliant, magnificent, and individual You.