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When people think about Astrology, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the combination of a daily horoscope from a local newspaper, and a chart wheel filled with symbols that carry a certain meaning. In too many cases, this is followed by fear, mystification, or skepticism, especially if you have seen too many publicly displayed readings from astrologers with no proper education or ethical guidelines. We hope you were not one of many to be misguided by someone’s dishonest “clairvoyant abilities” or the approach to Astrology that is shallow and based on rigid projections of the astrologer in question.

Our Mission

Here, at iZodiacSigns, we find it our imperative to respect certain ethical guidelines and rules of the astrological community that is growing day by day. Our website will provide you with information based on the position of your Sun, basic knowledge of compatibilities of certain archetypes from the zodiacal circle, and hopefully give you an in-depth explanation of challenges and the potential your personality needs to recognize in this lifetime. We are guided by the need to help others build a healthy perspective of other people and the world surrounding them, and believe that the best way towards fulfillment and a confident attitude is self-recognition.

Our Approach to Astrology

We consider ourselves to be Astrology professionals, and our vast experience, certifications, education, and knowledge serve to prove this claim. Still, as human beings we must be faulty and ignorant to some point, and it is one of our primal goals to learn and educate ourselves for as long as we work in this field. Astrology is our passion and our guiding star, and we hope to transfer some of the light we got from it into your life too. We will not predict your future with a hundred percent certainty, nor will we find it our goal to rearrange your life. Our responsibility is to provide guidance, help you find your own answers to questions that burn inside your heart, and give support to your decision-making process on the path of reaching for personal fulfillment.

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If you have any questions about the content of this website, and wish to share any comments or insights, we are at your disposal and curious to hear your thoughts. We will do our best to be of assistance and reply to your emails as soon as possible. Visit our Contact page to learn about ways to get in touch with us.

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