The Virgo Woman

Exploring The Virgo Woman

Virgo Woman's Thoughts

Overthinking is definitely this woman's main characteristics and she tries to rely on her brain at all times, although she is made out of much thinner and more sensitive threads. This is an overburdened mind filled with all sorts of useful and meaningful information, and all of the content there has to be let out in some way if she is ever to find satisfaction and happiness. Deep, focused, and obsessive about things that truly intrigue her, she feels the magnetic pull of mental challenges that have to be resolved. Her mind is truly magnificent and extremely powerful, but her body needs some attention in order for her to vent, clear the dark skies, and stop worrying about everything the future might bring.

Virgo Woman In Marriage

Although entirely different from her primal nature, intimate relationships and marriage trigger this woman's expectations to reach sky high. She is curious, cautious and likes to think about her options well, but she has trouble seeing her partner for who they are. Having so much faith in the other person can be as rewarding as it can be tricky. If she is disappointed and hurt too many times, she might decide to close her heart and separate from the world of emotion all together so she won't get hurt anymore. On the other hand, if she finds the right person, idealization stops there, and true faith becomes the source of undeniable happiness, creativity, and true love all of us search for.

Virgo Woman In Bed

Sexuality is a much stronger impulse to a Virgo woman than we might think. She is often connected to celibacy and a choice not to have physical relations whatsoever, but the nature she has to embrace hides all of the instinctive sexuality that gives her the energy to shine. With the right partner and with enough emotion in the physical contact, she will discover that her drive is incredibly strong, her passion guiding her towards self-recognition and awareness of her true personality. Inhibitions don't go well with her nature, even though they come natural to her as she dismisses the importance of all physical pleasures through the fall of Venus. Her sensuality should be built and nurtured at all times, making her inner discussions extremely important and valuable. She needs to explain to herself daily how beautiful and sensual she is, to never forget how much she can love her body.

Intimate world of a Virgo Woman

In the deepest emotional core of a Virgo woman there is so much hope and vision to enrich her future. Her heart is filled with the promise of tomorrow and while her mind digs deep to find something to worry about, it is in fact worried about the actual possibility of these dreams coming true. She has travel written on her soul, width of perspective and acceptance that helps her heal the wounded, but also carries her own wound to heal and is rarely sure how to do that. Giving and in search for her better world, she has actual faith in the goodness of human kind, and blames no one but herself for the mistakes made. Although this makes her a martyr, it also makes her an inspiration for all those who are finally ready to take responsibility for their own lives.

Virgo Woman With Children

There are two extremes a Virgo woman might choose when raising children. One of them is constant, obsessive worry that might make her children scared of things that wait for them in the real world. The other is the approach of a distant career woman, someone practical enough to understand that she should always follow her own path, especially when she has little people depending on her and seeing her as a role model. Whatever the case, she has to focus on her emotional bond to children first to be able to support any sort of discipline and excessive care she turns to. She will often take too much responsibility as a parent instead of letting the father or a partner she is with work with her, and this could make her too tired to keep her priorities in check.

Virgo Woman at Work

Her sign is the sign of work itself and this woman understands that this is the largest part of her nature. She works hard, dedicated to any cause she stumbles upon, and deals well with paperwork and daily issues that others don't want to take on. Still, the purpose of her job isn't to trap her in endless tiresome details, but to set her free, inspire her, and make her mind reach the heights it deserves. She needs an inspiring workplace, one where she can grow, evolve, and reach her potential, no matter how stressful or challenging the surprises in it may be. She really needs change, diversity, modern technologies, and always something new to learn or she'll feel an uncontrollable need to break loose and try searching for something more fulfilling.

Appearance of a Virgo Woman

This is a woman of a fragile physique and shouldn't allow herself to be overweight or carry too much burden, for her spine and hips don't handle too much pressure well. Her face is soft and her skin pale, eyes and mouth often in some sort of disharmony, and her hair thin and highly maintained. She likes the smell of fresh detergent much more than a perfume of any kind, and the subtlety of the details she wears needs attention to be noticed. Her white, ironed shirt can be a year or ten years old and you wouldn't be able to guess. She loves things tidy, even when they seem messy, and her rebellious nature might put a torn scarf around her neck but a trained eye will realize that each thread is in its place.

Virgo Woman With Money

We will often read that a Virgo woman is extremely good with money, responsible, trustworthy, and always saving something for a rainy day. This is true for single Virgo representatives who organize their own resources and know what their financial obligations are. Unfortunately, this easily changes when this woman gets married and if she doesn't hold on to strong control or separate bank accounts, she could lose sight of everything she saved for in the first place. In general, she doesn't understand the value of money very well even though she lives in the material world and understands all earthly matters with ease. In order to earn enough, she has to let it flow, let it go, while still caring for the future, and truly understand how valuable her work is.

Convictions of a Virgo Woman

She is convinced that her material manifestation is there for a purpose. The entire belief system of this woman is tied to the material world, practical circumstances, and ways to find actual satisfaction inside the realm of realism. Her direction needs to be defined by the love she feels for herself. No matter the beauty of her beliefs, they are fixed in nature and won't move much over time. She might change through the mutable element of her sign but her set of convictions seems to stay put, and finds root in the self-worth and feelings of adequacy she nurtures within.

Goals of a Virgo Woman

This is a woman with a plan to become free, her words and her mind having a much better time, while she enjoys life spontaneous in her expression. She will face a problem if she leaves all of these plans for tomorrow while she digs deep to work on one more mistake, on something new to fix, or a work related issue that will take even more of her energy. The entire train of thought that leads to a carefree attitude seems to be much longer than she anticipates, and she has to put things in motion as soon as possible or she might get stuck in one place for way too long. As she learns to embrace her feminine side, the intellectual one will unbrace and finally set her free.

Virgo Woman In Friendship

She is loyal, caring, and deeply emotional with her friends. A sense of tradition and patriotic tendencies seem to be intertwined with her ability to feel free to show her true colors with other people, and she doesn't connect the dots as easy as some other signs might. One truly has to do many things well in order to deserve her deepest friendship, as she tries to hide the essence of her heart from the outer world and avoid getting hurt. There is intimacy in her social contacts, sometimes more than in her home, and it is imperative that one touches her heart to be truly considered her friend.

Dreams of a Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman dreams of focus and the discovery of that inner light that will give her enough confidence to take on the role of a dominant One. She imagines herself to be the hero that saves the day, as well as the leader to manage all those who strayed from their paths. When she merges her true inner personality with her mission in life, she is on the path for greatness, and it always shows someone ready to lead people who wish to see the light, and help those with physical or intellectual deficiencies. There is nothing stopping her from living the dream, except her inner insecurities and lack of creative effort.