The Virgo Man

Exploring The Virgo Man

Virgo Man's Thoughts

The sign of Virgo is a place where Mercury is exalted and this is a man who sets the standard for intellectual strength. He is deep, focused, and has the ability to pick out the perfect sentence for each situation. Still, he lacks compassion in his approach to others and himself, and tends to be too strict when it comes to matters of the heart. He easily builds up an obsessive compulsive disorder, for his mind has a tendency to spin in circles until one appropriate solution is found. Lacking the ability to let go, he will return to the same inner processes over and over again, until he realizes how his situation and his bruises can be used. He is a fixer, someone to turn to for healing and maintenance, and his mind is always in search of a new problem, often burdening his soul with too many flaws in the world that take the place for beauty, love, and gratitude.

Virgo Man In Marriage

All of the idealistic views of a Virgo man seem to pile up in his seventh house. Expectations, dreams that he is always trying to leave behind, as well as his dependencies and troubles, all reside here and surface from time to time only to vanish in a matter of seconds once again. He will feel insecure when it comes to romance, not because he lacks confidence, but because he isn't sure what he believes in. On one hand he stands for the perfect image of a rational man, and on the other, he falls in love as a fairytale chaser, waving his magic wand until he melts his loved one's heart. His marriage and all relationships will either be kept ideal through care, devotion, and constant sensing of limits of both partners, or they will burst like a bubble only to come up again and repeat the same cycle as if he was in a loop without end.

Virgo Man In Bed

This is a passionate man who is often afraid to show his instinctive side, kind of shy and in search for a private place to connect with his loved one on an emotional plane. There is no point in labeling him in any way, for he can be extremely liberal, warm, open, and fiery in his sex life, for as long as there is a response from his partner seen through sensual reactivity and something to give him the bravery he needs. He is fully aware of the physical side to his sexuality, and when his heart is closed, he tends to build many meaningless sexual relationships only to employ his animalistic side in such a way to not feel repressed.

Intimate world of a Virgo Man

There is an entire philosophy of closeness behind the walls of a Virgo man. While he might be the one to show some emotional inconsistency, he is also someone to always have a deep understanding of the direction he needs to take in the matters of the heart. If he is detached from his ability to see the meaning in all things, no matter the fogginess of his mission, he will detach from the world itself, losing all contact with ground-related issues. His psychosomatic conditions will be triggered by every wrong direction he chose to take, leading to his need to question morals and the purpose of all doings. Progress, protection, and beneficent things in life are dependent on his convictions and his belief in the goodness of human kind. When hope is lost, so is he.

Virgo Man With Children

This man's approach to children depends mostly on his creative expression and personal satisfaction. When he starts searching for flaws in too many places, he will see them in everything that comes in his way, including his own child. Ruled by Mercury, he has the ability to communicate, adapt, move, and care for all of the practical issues that help his little ones grow in peace. He is caring and always with best intentions in mind, but he can turn to rational solutions and choices rather than compassion and deep understanding one too many times. The warmth of parenthood will usually melt his heart and make him reorganize and completely change his priorities, but he could be too strict or demanding, especially when his children come of certain age and disobey his will.

Virgo Man at Work

Competence is something that comes natural to a Virgo man, simply because he is too modest and rarely misevaluates his own abilities in an overly confident way. The sign of Virgo is the sign of worker bees, helpers, and those who do everything for someone else's best interest. He seems to understand that working for a good boss gives him the shield of protection and security he needs. Although he is perfectly capable to be a “one-man show”, he needs a lot of inner faith in order to jump into new ventures and start something on his own. He will not be lazy, even if he tries to be, but might be a bit slower than the rest of his coworkers because of his need to stay focused on matters that need to be untangled. Someone to always give a helping hand, this is a man perfect for teamwork.

Appearance of a Virgo Man

There is some resemblance between a Virgo and a Gemini man, both of them obviously ruled by our little messenger Mercury. Their differences are still quite obvious though, and a typical image of a Virgo man is a symbolic image of a scholar, someone with glasses, reading a book, and always with a critical opinion about everything he sees. He likes his clothes fresh, ironed, his nails clean and filed, and his beard and hairstyle always under control, even when he has a lot of it to attend to. His fingers are long, his mouth thin and closed unless he has something important to say, and his are eyes small and focused on one thing at a time.

Virgo Man With Money

This man is highly responsible but sometimes poorly organized with his money, allowing other people to influence his decisions. His sense of security is shaken by the needs of the outer world and those he feels close to. Married life can affect his finances greatly, especially if his partner quits in search for a better job, or has no income to begin with. He needs to be independent, have a separate bank account, and keep some of his plans in secrecy at all times, in order to have enough focus and handle things well. When it comes to earnings of a Virgo man, he needs to build a healthy image of his personality in order to really embrace things he is good at, or modesty and insecurity might take their tall making him settle for less than what he deserves.

Convictions of a Virgo Man

This is a man fully convinced that happiness lies in the material realm. This doesn't mean he is materialistic or turned to finances at all times, but rather that he has the ability to set his goal in our actual world, inspired and filled with positivity for the outcomes. His pessimistic approach comes only as consequence of wrongly set boundaries to the outer world. Once he overcomes the need to justify everyone's actions, and starts thinking more about himself, things might start changing and his material world too. Money itself will be a tool to reach for his goals, something to learn about, process, and spend as much as necessary to jump into the mode of self-awareness and self-sufficiency.

Goals of a Virgo Man

This man seems to have a goal to become somewhat like a Gemini, or better yet to simply connect with the other side of his own Mercury. He wants to come into situations that will help him communicate, read, write, and express his true personality with ease and spontaneity. Although people around him might treasure him for his careful act and everything he gives to the world, he wishes to stop overthinking, seeing the mistakes and injustice in the world, so he can finally be able to connect to the Universal thought and be a bit more carefree about everything going on, his intelligence connecting the material with the godly.

Virgo Man In Friendship

He feels intimate love for his friends and sees them as a part of his family. His emotional world is mostly built on these outer relationships, and years may go by before he realizes that his real sense of purpose and belonging is found among people he chose to nurture along the way. Understanding with those he chooses as friends has to go both ways, and if enough of it is built through time, he will open up, let them in his home, his family, and last in a deeply intimate social bond for a lifetime.

Dreams of a Virgo Man

He dreams big. A strong pull of mission and those fantastic things he might do in time stay kept in the realm of “irrational thoughts” for the most part. To truly live his purpose, he has to build the confidence he wishes for without any delays. It is a part of his mission to find a core, unconditional self-respect, and dedication to his own personality, no matter how fragile or wounded it might be. If he doesn't, the lack of it will influence his metabolism and his overall physical state, leading to health issues that might have been avoided if he turned to his inner light for once.