Virgo And Virgo

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo

Virgo & Virgo Romance and Love Life

Romantic bond between two Virgos is not always the happiest one in the zodiac. Virgo is a sign that brings Venus to fall, and with it often gives up on love, physical pleasure, and all sense of spontaneous beauty. Art, love, and emotion will often be shoved aside by one or both of these partners. When on a shared business venture, it might satisfy them greatly, but most of the time it is just tiring to turn away from colors and joys of life, always on a mission to make the final sacrifice and do something more for the imaginary future ahead.

Virgo & Virgo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

With Virgo being the sign of chastity and celibacy, these partners can either push each other away from the start, or fully understand each other’s needs and emotional boundaries guided by their own personality. Similarities in their approach will be stronger than in any other same-sign couple, simply because their attitude towards sex is already quite specific. It is truly important that they don’t start overthinking or turn to physical insufficiencies of their partner, but they sometimes can’t seem to control their need to criticize each other at any cost. Sexuality between them needs to be worked on, earned, with both of them finally set free when they realize that they stand on the same side of the wall of protection.

Virgo & Virgo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

These partners undoubtedly share interests and understand each other’s need to turn to details at every point, read instructions for each thing they do, and search for faults in everything and everyone around them. This is a thrilling thing in most cases, for as long as they don’t turn their focus too strongly on other people and turn into two partners that gossip about their neighbor’s dress or the makeup she wore today. Their discussions can be truly satisfying if they don’t get stuck in their element of Earth, becoming too hard to move, strict about their opinions.

Virgo & Virgo Strengths and Weaknesses

The greatest strength of two Virgos in a relationship is their practical intellect and everything they can do with it when they superpose it with each other’s. It is clear that exaltation of Mercury gives them the ultimate power of practicality, handcrafts, and words, but the fall of Venus speaks of the lack of satisfaction in the process. Too intelligent for their own good, they will easily get carried away in their thoughts about each other, failing to see how much they can love and cherish their bond every step of the way.

Virgo & Virgo General Compatibility

In general, this is a couple ruled by Mercury and these partners often pose for two different faces of the same grounded side of this planet. As a mutable sign, no Virgo is dedicated to a relationship or any shared goal if it is not set in reasonable terms and a close enough future. The fear of opening their hearts might easily vanish, but although they could set a date for their wedding as soon as they develop emotions, we still have to carefully look behind the wall of talk and peek into realistic plans for longer periods of time. If they steer clear of conversations about their health problems, it will be the most constructive step in their bond, simply because the overload of physical attention has a way of endangering their sex life instead of fixing their individual problems.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman - This is a man truly practical and turned to matters that are important to this woman too, but in an entirely different way. In their relationship, one of them always takes the role of a victim or someone who needs fixing, and the other automatically becomes their private handyman. It will not be easy for them to find true love in these circumstances, not because any of them lacks feelings, but because they both might feel incompetent to share them.