Virgo And Sagittarius

Virgo Compatibility with Sagittarius

Virgo & Sagittarius Romance and Love Life

There is rarely much romance in the contact of these two signs, one of them being irritated by their partner’s need to dream big and expect miracles, and the other by rigid opinions about reality that bring them down. Emotions aren’t their first priority even when they are attracted to each other, for they spark each other’s rational and mental challenges, rather than focusing on matters of the heart. When in love, they have trouble showing how they feel, and often come into a hit and miss situation in which they both try and fail to convince their partner of their love.

Virgo & Sagittarius Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

As all combinations of changeable signs, this one gives possibility of casual relationships that don’t have a future to look into. This is rarely a relationship in which any one of these partners will stay in for long, both of them dreaming of magic and something big to strive for. Their sex life can be excellent, but only if a Sagittarius finds enough understanding for their partner’s need for privacy and tact, and if Virgo lets go every now and then, to give adventures of sexual expression a try.

Virgo & Sagittarius Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

The fact that Mercury and Jupiter, rulers of these signs, naturally stand as opposing entities, speaks of their truly different opinions and mental processes. A constant battle over who sees one tree and who sees the entire forest might go on forever, if one of them doesn’t manage to find middle ground and adapt to the ways of their partner. If their contact turns into a competition for higher intelligence, they have to realize that there are no winners here, for both of them have entirely different missions on Earth and perfect intelligence to follow.

Virgo & Sagittarius Strengths and Weaknesses

As if they were brought together by a task to shake each other’s worlds, these signs can be truly good together for as long as they are carried forwards by their admiration for each other. They share a childish, naïve approach to people, seeing the world from a perspective of purity, even though seemingly from two different sides of the planet. The main weakness they have to face hides in their need for constant change, one of them always in search for new adventures and the other for new mental challenges.

Virgo & Sagittarius General Compatibility

Signs of Virgo and Sagittarius have a task to give each other hope and depth, combining them until vision of one partner is brought down to Earth, however complicated its realization might be. They have to find simple truths together, building trust instead of betraying it, in order to get the maximum out of their bond. It will be challenging to stay true and keep their dedication at times, especially if they don’t recognize their partner’s feelings or don’t know how to show theirs. The thing that can keep them together is dedication to prove love to each other, but this won’t come if they aren’t absolutely sure that what they found together is real and true.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman - This man’s serious approach wouldn’t exactly be much of a problem in this relationship, if a Sagittarius woman didn’t find it so funny. There is really no authority to the masculine role here, not because they disrespect each other, but because she is too powerful and passionate to give this man time to express through verbal domination.

Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man - She is often too sensitive for this man’s adventurous nature, not really understanding why he acts the way that he does. Distances that call on him seem senseless to her, and she needs to see this relationship as a test of faith to find its purpose. He might jump over her emotions simply because he never realized they were there, and has to slow down to see her actual point of view.