Virgo And Pisces

Virgo Compatibility with Pisces

Virgo & Pisces Romance and Love Life

This is one of the most romantic couples of the zodiac, one of them returning faith to the other in chase for inspiration, tenderness and motivation to reach for the stars. They won’t have trouble waiting for a long time to get together, enjoying the game of seduction and showering each other with affection they both need. Once they get intimate, emotions will simply flow, and this isn’t typical for relationships of Virgo. The task these partners come together for always hides in the emotional realm, and they will both have to let go of fears and find the trust they need so they can give in to magic.

Virgo & Pisces Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Ready to wait for eternity for each other once they fall in love, we still have to understand that these are two mutable signs and their eternity might be a bit shorter than that of other people. Still, inspiration they provide each other with has a tendency to keep them in a platonic state of their relationship for a while, and it is usually the Virgo partner to break the cycle and show initiative for something concrete and physical. When they relax around each other and have enough faith in the future of their bond, they become wonderful lovers who worry about each other’s satisfaction more than about their own.

Virgo & Pisces Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Virgo exalts Mercury and Pisces take it to fall, and very often these partners meet in order for Pisces to learn something about self-expression and words spoken. In most cases, their communication will lead to both partners discovering just how much they treasure silence, and this won’t always be a consequence of conflict, but rather because they seem to transcend the intellectual realm. This is an untypical bond in every way and their communication is always special and focused on mazes Mercury might not want to get out of.

Virgo & Pisces Strengths and Weaknesses

It is clear that Virgo and Pisces represent the last opposition of the zodiacal circle, meaning they have a task to round up all other oppositions. This isn’t easily understood but connects them on a highly intuitive level, and raises their inner feel of purpose and faith to the point where life is magic itself. The same thing stands for their greatest weakness too, for unrealistic expectations seem to be a given, and if they aren’t up to the task, they could fail in making each other happy.

Virgo & Pisces General Compatibility

It is not easy to predict how well a Virgo and a Pisces will understand each other. Although their compatibility score is really high, they have many personal challenges that might stand in their way, and can sometimes end up stuck in a platonic zone, unable to move either way. Still, emotions that come from this contact are strong enough to break all the chains of fate, and no matter their outer circumstances and their need to shield themselves from the world, they will usually connect by heart and love every second they spend together.

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman - This is a grounded, practical man, always in search for someone like a Pisces woman to inspire him. Even when they aren’t together, this is a contact filled with emotion and inspiration, one partner being the muse for the other, and together becoming the wonderful act of creation for incredible works of art.

Virgo Woman and Pisces Man - It is a bit easier for a Pisces woman to carry the exaltation of Venus than to a man, simply because of its archetypal role. In this case, it might make him dreamy, distant and a little bit lost, while annoyingly wandering through life and pulling their Virgo woman down the unusual spiral of being lost. This isn’t a couple that will lack love, but might lack overall focus and strength to move from one point and go on a mission that waits ahead.