Virgo And Libra

Virgo Compatibility with Libra

Virgo & Libra Romance and Love Life

Romance between a Virgo and a Libra always speaks of a strong commitment these partners are ready to make. None of them jumps into this relationship carefree and set apart from serious planning, and it can put too much pressure on both of them, without them even being aware how high they raised their expectations for the future. To meet each other’s needs, these partners could make too many sacrifices, leading to shared feelings of incompetence, guilt, or even distancing them from personal paths they feel they should be on. Love in this bond can become a magnetic force that pulls them away from their inner cores, sometimes leading to a breakup that is extremely hard to get over for both of them.

Virgo & Libra Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Attraction between these partners can be quite strong, and is usually accented by their inability to see each other clearly. It is not a rare thing for them to meet when they are already in a serious relationship but ready to break free, or when they are at a certain turn in their life unaware of what comes next. Both of them being quite fragile while seemingly calm and rational, they will understand that there is a lot more in their acts than the outer world might see. This will lead to an intensely emotional sexual experience of both partners, if they are ready to share their emotional side to make this bond last.

Virgo & Libra Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, but also an Air sign in charge of intellectual and verbal spheres. Virgo brings Venus to fall, being rational and ruled by the planet of communication – Mercury. As they build their relationship, they will turn their attention to the intellectual side of it, easily neglecting the emotional one. Although they might share many interests and agree on a number of attitudes and thoughts, there is a certain lack of lightness and laughter in their contact that takes away the fun and the color out of things they discuss. They need to wear their smiles daily, giving each other time to think about small pleasures of life.

Virgo & Libra Strengths and Weaknesses

The real strength of this couple is in giving each other practicality and fineness they both need to make things functional and beautiful at the same time. This will help them polish their differences until they shine, leaving a mark in the outer world. However, perfectionism can tire them out and make them feel bad about wrong choices, this leading to bickering, constant unproductive quarrels, and the overall feeling of inadequacy they unconsciously burden each other with.

Virgo & Libra General Compatibility

This is a strangely connected couple that stands out from other relationships of connected signs in the zodiac, probably because together they create one shared myth – the myth of Astraea. Disappointment in humans is often shared and deeply seeded in their nature, leading to judgment, high hopes and expectations, and a good understanding between them when it comes to shared obligations in a relationship. Still, this won’t be a light combination that will make them happy if they don’t put an effort in to bring constant surprises to their bond, enriching their social lives and caring for their own happiness as much as that of their partner.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman - This couple can share a deep sense of responsibility, supporting each other strongly through battles of life. Still, the risk of this woman becoming the inferior partner in a relationship is quite strong, especially if they both have family patterns to support a strong patriarchal regime.

Virgo Woman and Libra Man - A Virgo woman will do anything to satisfy her fine, tactful man, ready to do all the work for him while he searches for his personality. If he fails to show gratitude, conflict becomes inevitable. They have to nurture individual goals, keeping their professional and social lives going to continue feeling the need to stay together.