Virgo And Leo

Virgo Compatibility with Leo

Virgo & Leo Romance and Love Life

These two partners can fall in love and be insanely attracted to each other, but this won’t make their relationship emotionally satisfying to begin with. Their signs are positioned in such a way that they have a rational bond first, and everything else comes second, and their minds won’t let many feelings and matters of the heart push through. They will feel connected and loved only if their communication allows open displays of emotions.

Virgo & Leo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

The submissive role of a Virgo can be emphasized by this relationship, for Leo waits for no one and rarely takes enough time to push others to see that they can shine too. This isn’t a matter of being selfish, but rather an approach that keeps them safe from those who tend to steal their glory and their energy. Physical compatibility of these two partners depends mostly on their personal flexibility, for Virgo will be shy and needy from the perspective of Leo, while Leo comes too strong, seemingly endangering their partner’s wellbeing.

Virgo & Leo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

This is a couple ready to discuss any matter at hand, both of them stubborn to prove their point in some way. Although Virgo will often give up on proving anything after a while, they won’t change their opinions easily and the absence of a battle doesn’t mean that their Leo partner has won. It is a complicated bond that leaves room for all sorts of misconceptions, especially since both partners tend to turn to reasonable explanations rather than feelings that could help them find understanding. Still, they are ruled by the Sun and its messenger Mercury, and will be sharing the light and giving much needed help and assistance to one another along the way.

Virgo & Leo Strengths and Weaknesses

True strength of these partners is set in their minds and their ability to communicate about anything to come up with a solution. They make an excellent working team if they embrace their roles, Leo being there to organize and communicate to the outer world, and Virgo to finish with details, paperwork, and make a strong basis for success. The risk of deep misunderstandings comes from Leo’s tendency to not see his partner as equal, and Virgo’s self-criticism and insecurity that don’t allow them to express their true qualities and talents.

Virgo & Leo General Compatibility

In general, this can be a very good combination of signs that is usually seen through business contacts and friends who help each other out. It is not very often that these two people are attracted to each other, and when they are, they have to give each other the best of self they carry within in order for their bond to succeed. With emotional and sexual matters somehow set aside, they might have to turn to endless conversations to explain how they can adapt to satisfy each other’s needs.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman - This is a strong woman prepared to make her man powerful if he is willing to follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately, this becomes complicated and sometimes impossible to do with a Virgo, for they don’t always wish to be the center of attention, or have the energy to shine in a way she thinks he could. If she is coming too strong, a Virgo man will feel the need to pull back, and needs to build strong confidence to confront her and feel safe surrounded by her powerful aura.

Virgo Woman and Leo Man - A Leo man is a strong, dominant male, sometimes unaware of his strength of character and stamina, and this woman is much more fragile than she likes to show. While her posture or attitude might point out how she needs to be treated, this will often pass him by, especially if he is used to being surrounded by people who express their personalities louder and with a lot more fire.