Virgo And Gemini

Virgo Compatibility with Gemini

Virgo & Gemini Romance and Love Life

Gemini and Virgo share the same ruler, the planet of intellect, Mercury. This makes them highly rational and when they get involved, they tend to focus on challenges they give each other in not so romantic realms. Fast in showing their affection and speaking of their emotional needs, Gemini won’t have much patience or time to wait for their Virgo partner to speak about theirs. What they both might fail to notice is that they both share a certain problem with recognizing the importance of emotion and romance. They have to build enough patience and sense each other’s emotional core no matter how hard they both try to hide it behind reason.

Virgo & Gemini Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Depending on the level of attraction these partners share, their sexual relationship can be unexpectedly satisfying, for they both find satisfaction in similar things. Communication will lead the way and if shyness of Virgo is overcome and their Gemini partner shows enough understanding for their differences, they could truly learn a lot about their own sexualities when together. Mutable quality of both signs might make their time spent together short, but the excitement of change will immensely spice up their physical bond.

Virgo & Gemini Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

As two highly intellectual signs, they will usually find a way to communicate in a civilized manner. However, there is a need in both of them to prove their side of the story to be the real one and this doesn’t make a lot of sense if any one of them just stops for a second to see the bigger picture. A lot of information will be shared both ways, but Gemini’s need to fly around from one thing to the other can be truly annoying for Virgo, obsessed with their focus and attention to detail. Their task is to talk until they clear things up, so it might be wise to open up and try to embrace each other’s natures until they find the point of true understanding.

Virgo & Gemini Strengths and Weaknesses

This is a couple known for their intellectual supremacy over the rest of the world, and it makes them truly powerful when they stand together turned in the same direction. With no compromise of any sorts, they will see everything that needs to be fixed, moved, and explained, and usually have powerful conversations that help them move forward, fast. However, they tend to disconnect from their emotional sides, and this will make them question their bond soon enough.

Virgo & Gemini General Compatibility

As masculine and feminine sides to Mercury, they have a way of approaching each other in a certain balance. Showing initiative and support comes natural, if they don’t begin their battle to show who is smarter and who has more to offer to the world. Their realities are truly different and they both have to understand that each of them has their own role and their own qualities, born and raised with a character that has its place and mission in the world.

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman - This is a woman who has a hard time understanding Virgo man’s views and choices, ready to set free at any time if she feels tied down. He will have to keep her in a liberated, airy mode, instead of trying to tie her down, control her life, choices, or criticizing her in any way. If she decides to give him her heart, she will gracefully come much closer to Earth than one would anticipate.

Virgo Woman and Gemini Man - In the beginning, this man will see that grounded and practical appearance of his Virgo partner as something to respect. She will keep her distance for a while and usually understand him much deeper than he knows before even beginning a relationship in which she will open her heart. Lack of emotional attention and dedication could lead to constant bickering and a display of dissatisfaction that frustrates them both. They need their hearts to be close in order to find happiness together.