Virgo And Cancer

Virgo Compatibility with Cancer

Virgo & Cancer Romance and Love Life

Cancer is the perfect partner to give emotion and love to Virgo’s world. While they might have trouble reminding them of the power of Venus they bring to fall, a Cancer will approach their partner through the Moon and their most sensitive emotional core. There is a lot of feeling in this bond, usually hidden beneath the surface and far from the public eye. It is important for their passive natures to keep their relationship distant from other people’s opinions and influences, or they might get guided by them and let trouble into their sensitive emotional world.

Virgo & Cancer Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Virgo is the sign of chastity and has a very sensitive approach to sexuality and all sorts of taboos and strange sexual preferences. Although they like to rely on their rational side and shove their emotions under a rug, they will still have trouble connecting emotion with sexuality, and opening up to their partner if they are rough or impatient in any way. Cancer is gifted to sense other people’s boundaries and emotions, often because they have trouble standing for their own. Their careful nature is what makes them highly compatible with a Virgo. They will take care of each other and nurture emotions that need attention, creating a solid intimate bond that satisfies them both.

Virgo & Cancer Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

The weak link between a Cancer and Virgo partner is their ability to communicate about important issues. They will both readily jump into a conversation, but if Cancer avoids conflict and Virgo ends up in their defensive mode, it will be hard to reach a constructive point in it. In general, their interests will be close to earthly, practical matters, and this makes them excel in their shared approach to daily obligations, both of them willing to work hard to make things light and satisfactory for both of them.

Virgo & Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

A strong link between these partners is in their ability to give each other perspective and depth. Cancer will readily give their Virgo partner exactly what they lack – a mission to follow. In return, their partner will give them focus and dedication to goals they are sometimes afraid to reach for. Both of them being feminine and passive signs in approach to life accomplishments and megalomaniacal plans, they could miss their full potential because of simplicity of their approach and modesty they cannot overcome, and often don’t even want to.

Virgo & Cancer General Compatibility

A relationship of such strong emotional and rational characters can sometimes be hard to balance, for they both have stiff views on life, however flexible they might seem at first. Still, slow enough in their moves, these partners follow each other in a very constructive pace, giving each other time to adapt and create respect and the overall feeling of love. Intimacy has to be nurtured through daily displays of affection, or they might feel neglected and end up recognizing distance they never wanted to make.

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman - Although he belongs to the element of Earth, this man is quite changeable and sometimes hard to follow. A woman born in the sign of Cancer won’t have trouble adapting to his ways, but might be a bit more tied to emotional, cozy feelings of home than he will turn out to be. To create a mutual sense of security, they have to respect their differences and learn to follow each other towards shared satisfaction.

Virgo Woman and Cancer Man - This is a man able to sense that hidden emotional side to a Virgo woman, making her feel safe and protected just the way she needs to be. Their bond is highly emotional, much more than she finds common, and it has a tendency to scare one of them off if things cross their boundaries and personal limits they don’t want crossed. However, in most cases they will simply enjoy each other’s company, share love, and support each other in achieving their goals.