Virgo And Aries

Virgo Compatibility with Aries

Virgo & Aries Romance and Love Life

Hardly romantic when they are involved, this is a couple that will go and shoot some pool or go bowling every other night. It is a good thing that their views on romance come pretty close, for both of them will understand its form and accept it from each other gracefully when needed. Their rationalities often overlap and don’t leave much room for matters of the heart, but this won’t stop some of them from developing incredibly caring and deep feelings if physical attraction between them exists.

Virgo & Aries Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Sexual drive of an Aries partner can be intimidating to a shy Virgo, no matter how hard they might try to rationalize it. The first impulse of this earthly partner will often be to run away, in case they are attracted to each other to begin with. When physical contact develops between them, communication will show to be one of the most important sides to it. They will have to build their own little world of intimacy to truly feel safe and emotionally satisfied in their sexual contact.

Virgo & Aries Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Like all Earth signs, Virgo has the ability to dig into the ground and stay quiet when they sense a fiery approach in someone’s verbal expression. Shouting and loud statements won’t find understanding here, and the only way these two can communicate is through calm and reasonable conversations. In case any of them stops listening, keeping their side to the story to be the only valid approach, conflict is inevitable and stubbornness will drive them apart in no time.

Virgo & Aries Strengths and Weaknesses

True strength of this couple lies in the intellectual awareness they can build together, and their readiness to take action, work, and do something specific to improve things in their lives. Both of them are proactive when it comes to fixing things and any conflicts or mistakes they make along the way are sure to be rectified. This makes them excellent partners in work and a shared occupation could neutralize challenges they have to face on a personal level. The downside to their contact is in emotional detachment they readily give in to in order to protect themselves from pain.

Virgo & Aries General Compatibility

There is very little room for matters of Venus in this contact, for not only is Aries the sign of its detriment, but Virgo brings it to fall. Shifting blame will almost certainly be an issue with this couple. Depending on the level of gratitude and satisfaction they have individually, there will be potential for satisfaction in their shared life and their emotional bond. The most important thing for these partners is to find personal, professional, and overall satisfaction with colors of life, before starting to blame one another for everything that isn’t right.

Virgo Man and Aries Woman - Often passive when it comes to large life decisions and choices, a Virgo man can truly frustrate his fiery Aries partner. She will expect her man to be a superhero, while his approach is not heroic as much as rational and grounded, focused on everyday issues and ways to find peace. This man will gladly save her from trouble and show the masculine archetype she needs at first, but this isn’t something they want to repeat daily. Time could drive them apart through unreasonable expectations.

Virgo Woman and Aries Man - The greatest risk of this contact hides in Virgo woman’s readiness to take on all of the work to satisfy her man. An Aries man can be demanding when personal boundaries aren’t clearly set, and he needs to know at all times that care is what this woman needs so she doesn’t overwork herself to illness. Having trouble with Venus, both of them have to find time to enjoy themselves, dance, sing, go out, and keep their lives as colorful as they can.