Virgo And Aquarius

Virgo Compatibility with Aquarius

Virgo & Aquarius Romance and Love Life

When a Virgo falls in love with an Aquarius, they show their attention in the only way they understand, through small daily gestures. While this might be interesting and fun for an Aquarius, it will soon become repetitive and boring, and their heart might wander off in search for something more fulfilling. On the other hand, spontaneous and sudden gestures and changes of an Aquarius partner bring too much stress into a sensitive word of Virgo. Although they can rationalize and be the earthly, stable sign they are made to be, their hearts usually won’t feel at peace while they are in this type of relationship.

Virgo & Aquarius Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

There is a strong attraction these partners may feel, both of them presenting each other’s challenges and inner shadows. This always triggers a strong physical contact that can make them both nervous at first, as if they can’t filter out the aggression hidden behind the act. If they share enough tenderness and turn to communication to mend potential wounds in their physical bond, these partners can give each other a fair amount of satisfaction. Still, Virgo’s shy and practical approach to their sex life doesn’t often keep Aquarius interested for long, for they would rather turn to experiments, adventure and an outdoor chase for pleasure.

Virgo & Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Being ruled by Mercury and its higher octave Uranus, these partners always have a lot to talk about. Although they might annoy each other to the point of agony, they will have the ability to cool off and understand each other’s boundaries for as long as they stay on an intellectual plane. Shared language they are in search for may inspire them both, for Virgo brings ideas of Aquarius straight to the Earth, and all they have to do to make them true is believe they are possible.

Virgo & Aquarius Strengths and Weaknesses

The power of this couple hides in their individual intellectual strengths and they minds have the ability to connect on a level distant from those of other mortals. This gives them the ability to connect the Heaven and the Earth, one of them picking ideas from the sky, and the other making them functional and working. Still, they aren’t often flexible enough to find reason to get together in the first place. Only if they recognize each other as equals does their relationship have a chance to succeed.

Virgo & Aquarius General Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius don’t exactly remind you of a perfect couple. One of them is holding on to chosen patterns, always clean and well behaved, and the other in their personal chaos and riot, without any regard for their own physical and emotional state. Still, once they find a language to share, they seem to connect pretty well, especially if they also share the same goal and wish to make an incredible invention work. When these minds combine well there is nothing standing in their ways, except emotions and dissatisfactions that might lurk from the shadows.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman - This man doesn’t have much patience for an Aquarius woman, and in most cases simply sees her as weird. Still, when he is in need of a change, her differences will become incredibly attractive and he will start looking for ways to adapt and fit into her strange world. She probably won’t even notice him at first, being too high up on her personal cloud to look down on Earth. Once she opens up and sees his inner world, she might realize that there is a lot more excitement and magic to this man than meets the eye.

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man - This is a woman who rarely has enough confidence to face the expectations of an Aquarius man. He will easily become impatient with her and this won’t make a good start for any aspect of their bond. When they connect on a more tender level, they might stand a chance against the world, but only if they are both ready to adapt and compromise.