The Taurus Woman

Exploring The Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman's Thoughts

Her way of thinking is a mystery in some ways, for her brain can take her to the almost unimaginable places, while at the same time keeping her close to her home, family, and intimate relationships in her life. She will spend her youth thinking about her parents and the family she comes from, being taught to show affection through daily matters and questions about routine events and moves. As she grows up, her focus turns on ways to build her own home and find the inner sense of peace and satisfaction in her private space.

Taurus Woman In Marriage

A Taurus woman is fully aware of her sign's relationship to the Moon and has the ability to turn from a girlfriend into a wife with grace and ease. She could gain some weight after she starts sharing a home with a partner, simply because she feels the need to satisfy the one she loves, and will do so through cooking as much as other supportive daily activities. This woman is loyal and dedicated to her partner, for as long as she isn't betrayed or let down. Her confidence will grow in time, and although she may be jealous and possessive, prone to subconscious emotional manipulation and blackmail triggered by negative emotional experiences, once she relaxes and builds enough trust, she becomes the perfect partner.

Taurus Woman In Bed

Belonging to the earthly feminine principle, this is the most sensual of all signs of the zodiac, and the woman born in it knows how and where to find satisfaction. Still, the problem she has with Mars could have her attract some wrong partners in her life, leading to her boundaries being crossed until she settles for an unsatisfying bond. With the right partner this is a woman to blossom, pouring her heart out through physical contact, and creating an unbreakable intimate bond based on everything that gives sex the sense of magic. She will touch, smell, and taste with a special dedication, enjoying every single detail in her relationships for as long as she feels loved.

Intimate world of a Taurus Woman

When you scratch beneath the surface, you will see a woman who is ready to have fun, laugh, dance, and spend time with children. She is joyful and filled with hope, but her character can be quite difficult if she has had too many disappointments in her life. Once you get truly close to her and walls of illusion finally break loose, you will see that her little world revolves around her, and she does deserve to be the queen in it, no matter the size of it. She wants to be respected and acknowledged and at the bottom of her heart, she is more powerful, focused, and stronger than one might ever anticipate from the way she presents herself to the outer world.

Taurus Woman With Children

This is a woman with a steady and gentle hand, willing to make her children, or anyone else's for that matter – happy. She doesn't understand rough play or aggression of any kind, and it is possible that she will fail to see just how much her child needs support in accepting anger and negative emotions. She understands the importance of a father's role in the life of any child, and will do her best to avoid the need to be a supermom capable of everything, on her own. Her main approach is through daily needs and routine, and she will always be concerned if her child is hungry, even when this is a married son in his forties who just came from a restaurant. Caring and dedicated, this is a woman who will gladly embrace parenthood but might have a problem with an adopted child, or one that her partner brings into their bond.

Taurus Woman at Work

It is simply not true that women born in the sign of Taurus are lazy. Their main challenge is motivation, but when it comes to money, there is little motivation as good as a satisfying salary once they find a job. The problem appears with their performance if they get stuck in a boring and tiring routine, without any chance of advancement, and too concerned about their security to step out and make a change. This is a woman capable to endure through any challenge that comes her way, standing against the wind, rain, or interpersonal fiery conflicts. She understands that goals need her attention and she has a task to finish. For as long as she has a challenging job that pays off well and points her towards inner peace and recognition, she will be one of the best employees of the zodiac.

Appearance of a Taurus Woman

There are several types of a Taurus woman, but what they all have in common is their natural feminine glow. She will be a typical woman, either well-rounded with a girly waist and a figure to passionately wish for, or thin and tall, turned to the practical side of the sign, avoiding makeup or any of the ways to accent her beauty. There is an understanding she nurtures that natural beauty is a safe bet and something that makes her feel healthy and accepted in the outer world. She will move with grace and incredible flow, as if every muscle of her body was in sync with the rest of the world. Her confidence lies in her lips and hips, and she wants to be noticed, at the same time being shy and modest when it comes to her physical body.

Taurus Woman With Money

This is a woman who understands the value of money as well as the value of her work when it comes to earning it. You wouldn't expect such a slow and sensitive soul to be so strict when it comes to finances, and she will be, with her colleagues, superiors, and her partner just the same. She understands how the material world works and always has a pretty good idea what she would do if she won a lottery someday. This isn't a woman who will give in to superstition or entirely irrational plans and financial risks, for she needs stability and ways to make her independent and on the safe distance from the outside world when this is something she needs.

Convictions of a Taurus Woman

The only thing this woman is convinced in is the fluency of time. Her grounding and practicality might separate her from higher plains and ultimate faith, and it is very often that she is in search for it time after time, in circumstances that pressure her and make her feel unworthy. She is in search for meaningful and deep experiences, often living in a belief that she has to suffer, at least a little bit, in order to find happiness in time. The law of karma is her most powerful guidance, but only if she learns to deal with conflict will she be able to find freedom.

Goals of a Taurus Woman

It is her ultimate goal to be spontaneous and free from opinions of other people, and any sort of dominance coming her way from others. She wants to be self-sufficient, entirely independent, and ready to enjoy relationships that make her smile, no matter how long they might last. Her need to go with the flow is much stronger than you might think looking at her constant chase for security. However, once she finds a few good friends and surrounds herself with kindle spirits, she will also find liberation and get out of systems that tie her down and make her unhappy.

Taurus Woman In Friendship

This isn't a woman sure about her choice of friends. Although her faith will go a long way, she might choose those in need way too often, instead of looking for balanced relationships in which she can gain as much as she gives. Her emotional state will lead her to idealization and she will put trust in people who might not deserve it, but it will also open her up to incredibly important friendships that inspire her, give her a sense of mission, and last for a lifetime. She is loyal and dedicated to making her friends happy, almost as if she was in love with every single one of them. The amount of energy she will put in will make her picky, and she'll need time to sense the atmosphere, smell it, and decide to open up for the person standing in front of her.

Dreams of a Taurus Woman

This is a woman who dreams of her own inner power. She can feel it through the feminine, but lacks the masculine initiative and vigor to jump into new endeavors without fear. A Taurus woman dreams of a life without any fears, one in which she is perfectly able to defend herself from any attacks of other people, especially women. She wishes for strength, bravery, and the ability to always separate right from wrong, knowing exactly what she is supposed to do next. She gets lost in battles that don't help her find the energy or express creatively, but desires greatly to have constructive moves and conflicts that will lead to her strength and leadership.