The Taurus Man

Exploring The Taurus Man

Taurus Man's Thoughts

While this man might seem too fixed in his line of practical thinking, as if nothing can ever break through and reach him, he is in fact turned to thinking about emotional matters more often than we might imagine. Willing to make huge life changes for his loved ones, they are the ones who will mostly be on his mind, his family, his partner, and those he is intimate with. While he might fail to show his love through surprises and positive action, he will do so with passive existence, constant care, and keeping you in his mind every day. Always wandering about ways to protect those he loves, he might lack the Martian power to do so, but his love is big enough to take you under his wing and make you feel comfortable and safe.

Taurus Man In Marriage

Opposed to the sign of Scorpio, we would think that a Taurus isn't possessive or jealous at all, but the truth is they are two sides of the same coin. This man holds on strongly to those he falls in love with, and even when his emotions are not returned he tends to stick around unable to move on. His stable and static nature can be his strongest suit with the right partner, making his marriage last and deepen to the point in which they truly become one, but it could also be the source of his suffering if he holds on too strongly for relationships that don't make him happy. He doesn't see marriage as obsolete in any way, but as a true declaration of love between two people, and could get carried away by the force of physical emotion never realizing that his and his partner's dreams don't take them in the same direction.

Taurus Man In Bed

This is a sensual sign and a man born in it will learn to be a tender lover, always in the mood for love making, rather than casual sex. Tuned in to sense his partner's needs, he will take care of the other person expecting the same in return, and finds satisfaction through deeply emotional bonds that extend love making to each touch shared, no matter where or when. He can be quite stiff and conservative before he meets the right partner and discovers his inner sexual inspiration, sometimes even scared of physical intimacy with another human being. Depending on his sensitivity to the touch of others and the amount of desired touch he received as a child, his sex life will either be fulfilling from the start or something to work on as he matures.

Intimate world of a Taurus Man

Hidden way below the horizon, a Taurus man has a heart filled with passion and creativity he rarely wishes to show to the world. As you reach into his soul, you will see it beating with life, and his passive existence might suddenly turn into a burning ray of light you would have never anticipated from the way he looks. There is something deeply satisfying and brave in his core, warmth that he shares only with those few people who manage to see him for who he is, and a strong personality that he sometimes needs to be reminded of.

Taurus Man With Children

A Taurus man is obviously always in the mood to give some love to everyone around him, but this might be a bit tricky when it comes to children and his own child within. He is caring and strict at the same time, holding on to practicality and tradition while also nurturing. He can be a wonderful role model to his children, but only if he isn't obsessed with perfection hard to achieve, too much hard work, and challenges that put too many limitations on those he loves out of pure concern and too much worrying. To give love in the way it is needed, he has to stay relaxed and laid back. He needs a lot of support and as little criticism as possible while he is growing up, in order to build a positive parental image he will later hold on to.

Taurus Man at Work

This is a man always ready for partnerships and teamwork. Although he is confident he can get things done alone, he loves to do them with people he feels close to, sharing responsibility and time spent working so he can create more time for hedonistic activities. There is a lot of endurance and strength in his approach, and he excels in long-term projects that need his attention for years. Unfortunately, his inert nature could keep him in one place for too long, afraid to make a change, dive into the unknown and relying too much on his sense of security at a job that is not in sync with his personality.

Appearance of a Taurus Man

A Taurus man is often rounded, with his neck wide, his head strong, and his weight prone to change. He has a peaceful glow around him, as if he was always on a watch and careful not to give too much of himself to those who might hurt him. He is laid back, sometimes overweight, and often choosing to grow his beard simply because he finds it meaningless to shave every day. His feet are grounded, his legs strong, and all of his joints wide and in line with surrounding tissue. He is inert and once he starts moving, he will continue doing so until he hits the wall. More often than not, he finds more joy in food, cuddling, and cozy things in life that make him sigh with happiness, rather than physical activity.

Taurus Man With Money

Being born with the Sun in the sign that rules money, a Taurus man will have it on his mind very often. Turned to material issues and practical matters leading to personal gain, he will become very fond of his work if he profits from it. It is important to understand that his relationship with money tends to be superficial in a way, and although he is capable to make it anywhere he turns to, he will see it as a measure of personal value and his sense of security rather than something to help him get surrounded by pretty things. He tends to remain practical and modest even with a large salary and freedom to spend, and won't have a hard time saving for his pension for as long as he steers clear of self-destructive moves willing to give too much to other people.

Convictions of a Taurus Man

It is the convictions of a Taurus man that present the greatest challenge to his successes and advances in life. Love and confidence won't have much to do with his need to make a plan he has to stick to, often believing that only torture can make him succeed in his doings. As if something was completely turned upside down, this man will naturally think that bad things make him better and good things spoil him and make him bad, and needs a lot of his own patience, time, and rest, to realize that faith will define his material existence whichever way he decides to point it.

Goals of a Taurus Man

Strangely, the main goal of each Taurus man is to break free from his own prison. Although he may be quite satisfied with his life, his fear of change and lack of vision might make him too static to move to a place of actual satisfaction. He needs to embrace his fear of the unexpected, have faith and optimism that carry him forwards, and enough positive motivation to find liberation within. This isn't just someone who wishes to reach for his dreams, but someone who wants these dreams improved to the point where there's no dilemma to their magic. In chase for his fairytale, the element of Earth tends to hold him down, as he realizes that things he wishes for might not be even possible to begin with. Luckily, once he makes the first step, he will find that each step that follows is easier than the one preceding it.

Taurus Man In Friendship

There is something fishy in the field of friendships of a Taurus man. He socializes with some characters that can become a source of disappointment, talk behind his back, or those he can't really get to know that well at all. Although he is quite emotional and tied to people he loves, he doesn't always get an appropriate response for everything he gives. We can imagine him with his best man, a faithful and true friend for life. Still, even a strong friendship such as this one can last only if inner suspicion doesn't drive them apart and he doesn't start questioning every word spoken and every single thing that happened in the past.

Dreams of a Taurus Man

This is a man who dreams of a new beginning, something to give him the energy to succeed and make him brave, confident, and a true hero. He wants to feel passionate, act on impulse and in sync with his instincts, and be at least a bit quicker in his decisions and movements. He dreams of being stronger, better, improved, and as fiery as his Martian predecessor, failing to see that his role is as big and important as any other. Once he realizes his mission is to actively share and give love to the world, teaching others how to be intimate and close, he will become his own hero in no time.