Taurus And Virgo

Taurus Compatibility with Virgo

Taurus & Virgo Romance and Love Life

Virgo is not obviously mad about romance, although their shy nature often hides its emotional secrets and wishes to sink into the pool of romantic gestures. Their inner battle between rational and emotional always leaves a mark on each relationship they form, and this is something Taurus can help with, ready to share feelings and inner wealth without holding back, teaching them that joy and lasting love are truly possible.

Taurus & Virgo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

The pace these partners share will in most cases lead to mutual satisfaction. Both of them closed up for the outer world and wishing to keep their sex life private, a bit conservative and shielded from everyone else, they will find understanding for each other with ease. The sense of touch will lead them both, but passive nature might drive them apart in time if none of them shows enough initiative to lead the way and spice things up every now and then.

Taurus & Virgo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Life philosophies of these two people are somewhat different and this has to be deeply respected from the beginning of their relationship. While Taurus’ ruler Venus exalts in Pisces, the sign of magic, romance and delusion, Virgo opposes it and brings Venus to fall. Communication could lead them to conflicts, simply because a Taurus doesn’t understand why intimacy isn’t shared in silence and devotion, while Virgo wishes to fix even those things that function perfectly well from the point of view of their partner. They need to find balance and value each other unconditionally, just as they are, to keep their intellectual flow going.

Taurus & Virgo Strengths and Weaknesses

The power of planet Earth is something that strongly pushes this couple forward. They will dig in and work hard to create the life they wish for, both turned to material and practical values in each other and the world around them. Highly functional, they could earn a lot, work together, and motivate each other for incredible things. Still, they have to keep their magic going at all times, surprising each other with new loving memories, and nurturing the fine romance between them. If not, they could end up in a rut, worrying about technicalities much more than about each other.

Taurus & Virgo General Compatibility

This is a couple with a strong potential to stay together for quite a while. They are both realistic enough to know that love is something that has to endure the test of time, and they will be stable through possible challenges. In this relationship, Taurus seems to be the glue of their bond, giving love and room for their Virgo partner to breathe, change, and fix things that need fixing. They have to steer clear of delusions and be honest with each other at all times, while also respecting each other’s privacy and need for solitude if they want things to work out between them.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman - A Taurus man seems to be brought down to Earth only to show this woman how much she is worth. In the beginning of their relationship, he might have to work to make her feel better about herself, and they will both unconsciously be healing their inner insecurities. Her practical sense and readiness to work will push him far if he is willing to be pushed, and they will both have a healthy approach to responsibility and practical matters of their shared life.

Taurus Woman and Virgo Man - This earthly couple can show the real instability of a Virgo partner. The inflexible nature of Taurus could turn him into someone who wishes to set free, and control of any kind will never be good for their mutual respect. In most cases, her tenderness and a constant approach to his weaknesses will keep them together, while his rational mind clears their way to a life in color they both need.