Taurus And Taurus

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus

Taurus & Taurus Romance and Love Life

This is a couple that never has trouble with emotional awareness or their approach to romance. Being made from the same Earth, they will understand each other perfectly in these matters, move in the same pace, and give each other all the peace and dedication they need. Still, they tend to tie down to one place, one emotion, and one atmosphere they stay in day after day. This will spark their unconscious need for change and could affect their bond in the most aggressive way if they don’t move together for long enough.

Taurus & Taurus Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

These partners will see sexuality as their chance to satisfy each other and hedonistically enjoy the sense of touch. They will rarely come in conflict while their relationship is fresh, but could also have trouble finding initiative to start anything new with one another. In a troubled bond between them, they could both expect their partner to show instinctive dedication to sexuality, individually unaware that they are supposed to provide some of it too. This can become a real problem for a Taurus man, no matter the gender of his partner, simply because initiative archetypally belongs to him.

Taurus & Taurus Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

If you imagine two bulls in a field surrounded by a fence, you will probably imagine them fighting. While both of these partners have trouble with conflict, it won’t stop them from jumping into battle once they get fed up by compromise. Peaceful and calm by nature, this is something that often won’t happen for the first several months, sometimes even years of their relationship, for they are both willing to shove their frustration down the throat until the point of breaking. In order for their communication to be as creative and inspirational as it has the potential to be, they need to resolve their differences in time and accept each other with all their faults and weaknesses.

Taurus & Taurus Strengths and Weaknesses

Being two people ruled by Venus, their greatest strength lies in emotional recognition, compassion and understanding. They are willing to share everything with their partner, seek balance, and have enough tenderness for each other to make their relationship last indefinitely. Still, they have to point their shared energy somewhere and embrace constructive conflict, or their bubble will burst with both partners being unwilling to give up on a dysfunctional bond for years. As soon as stubbornness starts holding them together, many things will come alive in their circumstances only to drive them even further apart.

Taurus & Taurus General Compatibility

When two Taurus partners get romantically involved, they tend to stay together for a very long time. It is not often that these people form a casual bond, and even less often for them to break loose in several days or weeks. Their static nature is as good for their relationship as much as it can be tiring, for none of them will wish to change things that obviously work and make them feel comfortable and secure. To last through time without too much frustration and stagnation, they have to understand that the sense of security can be maintained through emotion, no matter the change they decide to make in their personal lives or their shared existence.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman - It is the passive element of Earth that can truly hold a Taurus man down, leading to frustration in a Taurus woman. While she will have no trouble recognizing this man to be exactly what she needs at first, he will sink into routine and repetitive daily motion way too easy, making her wish for more. In order for their natures to go well with one another and for both partners to get what they need, they have to embrace the element of surprise as normal in their routine, and give each other a strong push when things get stuck.