Taurus And Pisces

Taurus Compatibility with Pisces

Taurus & Pisces Romance and Love Life

A relationship between Taurus and Pisces brings promise of true magic and love that we read about in grand romance novels. They will support each other primarily in emotional spheres, one of them being ruled by Venus, and the other exalting it and standing for magic itself. The power of their emotional bond lies in their talent to share, to love, and find exhilaration and true peace with one another, completing each other’s needs and finding grounding and magic rolled into one.

Taurus & Pisces Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Taurus has the ability to manifest visions of their partner, bring their relationship to the level of physical intimacy, and break the platonic circle Pisces partner can sometimes be in for years. They will share enough tenderness to satisfy both of them greatly, allowing each other to show their true colors, fully protected by one another and safe to be whatever they are. Although Pisces sometimes sink into strange sexual tendencies for the potentially conservative view of their partner, they will open up for new things with enough love felt.

Taurus & Pisces Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Communication is not a strong side of this relationship. It can be truly challenging, for they both wish things to stay perfect for as long as possible, sometimes forgetting how important it is to share the darkness with one another, too. Inconsistency of mutable Pisces will show as lack of attention, often leading to distance from Taurus, especially if they feel pressured or controlled. While there is no reason to jump into a symbiotic bond that will make them both feel weak, they should always be careful to inform each other of important things that happen while they are apart.

Taurus & Pisces Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of this couple is in the love they are willing to feel, share, and show to one another without holding back. It is easy for them to nurture, cherish and value each other, both ready to fly together as soon as they have enough faith. However, if they start hiding things from their lives to keep their relationship seemingly ideal, there is a great chance their shadows will come back to haunt them and if big enough – tear them apart.

Taurus & Pisces General Compatibility

These two partners share the love for love, and although practicality of a Taurus can sometimes set them apart from their heart, their Pisces partner will give them wings to fly again. They will find each other when broken, in need of healing, or simply when they are ready to get carried away and feel loved by someone who understands their emotional core. Unfortunately, however grounded Taurus might be, they won’t fight for the truth for as long as they feel stable in their satisfaction. This could lead to disappointments, dishonesty, and both partners finally trying to make each other believe something that isn’t real.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman - He will be swept off by her charms, ready to win her heart over and full of understanding for any difficulty she has had in her life. She will show compassion and fluid love, a bit lost and scattered when it comes to things she enjoys. They make an excellent couple, especially if this man is ready to take on earthly matters into his hands and let her be creative and shine with her talents leading the way.

Taurus Woman and Pisces Man - In the archetypal sense it is a bit harder for a Taurus woman to put up with strange sides to a Pisces man than when their roles are reversed. Although he will inspire her and spark incredible emotions in her heart, he will often be somewhat unreliable and dishonest. He has to understand that a Taurus woman has no intention of tying him down and seeks her own happiness in a way that comes natural. Honesty is the only thing that can make them happy together and they should both keep this in mind at all times.