Taurus And Libra

Taurus Compatibility with Libra

Taurus & Libra Romance and Love Life

Even though these two signs won’t often come together in full harmony, they are both ruled by Venus and understand each other’s motivation and tendencies truly well. When they fall in love, they will show their affection in different ways, but still give incredible amounts of love to one another. Their understanding and acceptance have to go deep in order for their emotions to feel right and for both of them to truly feel loved while with one another. They will have an incredible opportunity to stay together and stay in love for as long as they don’t start neglecting each other’s emotions, tired from their differences.

Taurus & Libra Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

As representatives of two signs that stand for masculine and feminine sides of Venus, these partners will have a lot to share in their physical contact. With Taurus being turned mostly to physical pleasure and the sense of touch, they have a lot to teach Libra about the potential for satisfaction our bodies have to offer. In return, Libra will show grace, affection, and true devotion, showing their partner how beautiful they are day after day. For as long as their focus is set on each other, they will have a lot to share in their sex life.

Taurus & Libra Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

While these partners usually won’t have trouble valuing their relationship and feeling gratitude for any emotion they feel, they could have a serious problem with respect. Libra’s fallen Sun makes them unaware of their personal boundaries, and their shared misunderstanding with Mars could lead them to serious passive aggressive conflict. As soon as one of them turns out to be a victim of any kind, there will be no room for healthy communication. They both have to take responsibility for their share of the relationship in order to make things work, or they will just drift off into blaming each other for everything that went wrong.

Taurus & Libra Strengths and Weaknesses

The incredible strength of this couple lies in their ability to make Venus whole. Love between them can be nurtured and grow incredibly fast, while they hold on to their physical bond and do everything they can to selflessly satisfy each other. Still, since no one here has the need to win, pull them in some direction, or make changes of any kind, they could get stuck in a need to do things for each other, losing their own personalities and wishes in the process.

Taurus & Libra General Compatibility

The importance of element is the key to this relationship, for they are really far apart, one of them belonging to Earth and the other to Air. This means that one of them will be in chase for practicality while the other focuses on communication and appearances. Taurus will search for cozy solutions they can touch and Libra for harmony in the artistic expression of the outer world. In each other’s eyes they could turn out to be impractical or not “fine enough” depending on the view, and they have to remember that they are a part of the same entity at all times with love connecting them into one.

Taurus Man and Libra Woman - To a Taurus man, this woman can seem like she is way out of his league. Depending on his point of view and her attitude, their relationship could begin as if they weren’t equal, putting one person’s qualities instantly aside and creating a gap between them that tends to make them frustrated in time.

Taurus Woman and Libra Man - This is a contact meant to teach both partners where satisfaction lies and is mostly turned to sexuality and physical touch. A Taurus woman will readily fly off into airy heights of her partner, healing his wounded ego and showing him how much he is worth to her. He will remind her of her own beauty in return, and make her feel whole, nurturing her healthy image of self.