Taurus And Leo

Taurus Compatibility with Leo

Taurus & Leo Romance and Love Life

Being ruled by the Sun and Venus, it will come natural to these partners for Leo to become the center of their system and Taurus to circle around them. Their differences shape emotion into something warm and creative on one hand, and truly restricted and unchangeable on the other. If they fall in love, they will have to connect in a serious commitment that won’t leave room for any of them to question loyalty or dedication to their bond.

Taurus & Leo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

The sign of Taurus is the sign of satisfaction itself, and for as long as they are nurtured and cherished enough, they will find a way to enjoy almost anything. Natures of these partners are truly different, but they can be quite compatible when it comes to the physical world. With both of them ready to relax and enjoy each other, there seems to be nothing standing in their way. However, the shy nature of Taurus and the earthly, motherly, cozy feeling they seek, could be scared off by Leos approach. There is no subtlety to it, for they know what they want from their partner and go for it from the start.

Taurus & Leo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Their communication can be warm and supporting for both of them, but when emotions get involved and they get too close, they start to push each other in directions that none of them wishes to take. Too different by nature, it will be hard for them to find a point of understanding, especially if Taurus tries to take control and speaks of practical, daily, modest choices in life, while Leo shakes them off with an intention to create something that resonates with their magnificent personality. The entire situation could make a Taurus partner feel less worthy or not as special as their partner, taking away their glory on account of the one Leo is born with.

Taurus & Leo Strengths and Weaknesses

Taurus and Leo are both strong-willed and this is one of their greatest strengths when they stand together pushing for the same cause. If they build a strong core and give each other that incredible inner treasure and light selflessly, there is nothing standing in their way. When in harmony and set free from ego battles and control, this is a couple that can create miracles and bring them down to Earth for us mortals to see. Their weak spots are held in their fixed nature for they tend to resist any kind of change and stubbornly stand in conflict with one another.

Taurus & Leo General Compatibility

One of these partners is passive, emotional and the representation of value itself, and the other active, aware, and standing for respect and admiration. They could collide unprepared for this type of bond. Their chance to stay together for a long time hides in shared creativity and activities they will both enjoy, feeding them with feelings of security, physical closeness, and daily efforts to make their life prettier.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman - To this man, she will seem to be a goddess at first, with her attitude, voice, and unshakeable confidence. To her, he will be the stepping stone in her path, someone to support her every step of the way. In order for their relationship to work, each of them has to be able to rule as well as support the other at some point, or polarization becomes too strong to make them both feel valuable and strong enough.

Taurus Woman and Leo Man - This is a woman ready to give him everything he needs, but there will often be trouble with gratitude she’ll get for her sacrifices. She needs to put herself first instead of putting expectations onto him. His respect will be unconditional, but given in a way she won’t fully understand. They need to synchronize their personalities, one of them being willing to warm up and face the world and the other to slow down and enjoy the moment.