Taurus And Capricorn

Taurus Compatibility with Capricorn

Taurus & Capricorn Romance and Love Life

When brought together, these partners make a fully functional romantic relationship that gives them a strong sense of security and support needed for other areas of their lives to blossom. While they are turned to earthly issues, following certain rules of behavior, it could surprise them that a lack of vision they both sometimes suffer from can have such a strong impact on their shared future. It seems almost ideal for them to start a lasting bond, but it might lose its meaning much faster than anyone would anticipate especially if the need for tenderness Taurus has isn’t met all the way through actions of their Capricorn.

Taurus & Capricorn Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

The physical world is the realm of this couple and this is where things function. A problem might arise if they lack intimacy and they should always keep it fresh with non-verbal communication and significant glances when surrounded by other people. Too much energy can be wasted on practice, routine, and some strange sexual equations that are hard to understand for a Taurus. Love will keep them together and relax Capricorn through time and constant giving, until they show their curious childish nature and give love in return.

Taurus & Capricorn Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Both of them stubborn and questioning matters of guilt in one another and the outer world, these partners could have some trouble communicating. Fortunately, one of them seems to be always ready to resolve a conflict, with the other having a lot to learn from their strong-willed partner. To make their relationship work, Taurus has to take the role of a muse, someone to inspire and give a strong push in a wanted direction, while Capricorn makes practical plans and uses their understanding of the world until they succeed.

Taurus & Capricorn Strengths and Weaknesses

The power these two people have can move mountains if they agree on what they want to do together. Practical matters will gain incredible amounts of support, being useful when they decide to build a house together or start a family. However, guilt is a strong possibility in this bond, and as soon as one of them starts looking for someone to blame, it will become impossible to break the circle of shifting guilt, even when none of them did anything really wrong.

Taurus & Capricorn General Compatibility

When these partners attract each other, it usually means that the time has come for both of them to settle down and start a serious relationship. Shyness they both won’t easily admit to makes them fit perfectly well, for they will understand their deep emotional core with a lot more ease than someone else might. Turned to practical matters and sometimes in lack of focus and something to look for in the future, they will make a plan to follow and stick to it until they reach satisfaction.

Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman - There is something truly hard to move in this contact, and it is not easy to determine who’s to be held accountable. This man will see this woman as someone he wants to settle down with, and if the timing is right, this is exactly what they will do. Still, if she isn’t ready to commit in the way he expects her to, they could turn out to be focused on entirely different things, pulling each in their own direction stubbornly, unable to find compromise.

Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man - This man will seem intriguing with an unusual sense of humor and a childish glow to him that only someone really persistent has the ability to see. His serious and tactic approach to all things, and focus on work, career, and status issues will seem like a perfectly normal thing to this woman. They will easily sink into traditional roles of husband and wife, the man bringing food to the table and the wife worrying about family, children and finances, but only if this is something they both desire.