Taurus And Cancer

Taurus Compatibility with Cancer

Taurus & Cancer Romance and Love Life

Since the sign of Taurus exalts the gentle Moon, ruler of Cancer, it is safe to say that emotional bonding between these partners is a given. While they might come into conflict over many things or fail to communicate about intellectual issues, their strength lies in matters of the heart and shared need for intimacy and closeness in everyday life. They won’t have trouble showing how they feel around one another, being perfectly able to give each other enough patience and security to open up in a pace that feels right for both of them.

Taurus & Cancer Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

With so much emotion, physical contact of these partners doesn’t seem to be an issue at first glance. However, they both have trouble understanding the importance of Mars and with it the importance of instinct, sexuality in its core, and initiative to lead the way. Both of them passive and mainly responsive to surroundings, they could have trouble finding someone to get things done or begun in the first place. No matter who, one of these partners will have to choose a masculine, proactive role, ready to learn how easy it is to implement it into all activities.

Taurus & Cancer Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

With their Suns in a fine supporting aspect, these partners always have enough respect for each other and something to talk about. Approaching daily matters as a strong basis to show affection, they will gladly discuss everything that happens to them when they are apart. Non-verbal communication will be even more satisfying than too many words being spoken between them. With a tender word for each situation, they could give each other support in practical and emotional problems, but rarely drift off too far from planet Earth and into the field of pure ideas.

Taurus & Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of this couple hides in balance and harmony they tend to find through emotional attachment. Both of them are willing to give their hearts and share even the most embarrassing or boring details when asked about them. Honesty will fit them perfectly, although they both tend to shield themselves by bending the truth from time to time. In time they might realize that anger has been building up, as well as frustration triggered by too many compromises they made, but weren’t ready to make. If they sink into their passive roles together, there is a great chance they will lose each other.

Taurus & Cancer General Compatibility

A Taurus and a Cancer make a fine couple in all variations. Love is what drives them both forwards and it is safe to say that they will do anything to hold on to it, ready for intimacy and commitment at all times. Unresolved emotional issues from the past will stand in their way, especially family bonds that affected their upbringing and potentially made them angry or sad. Although they might choose to share all of this with one another, it might be a bit too much to handle if their boundaries and limits aren’t clearly set.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman - This is a woman with a lot more energy than meets the eye and a Taurus man is the one who understands it. They will push each other to achieve a lot most of the time, filled with respect for each other’s need for satisfaction. They will set each other free from responsibility from time to time, but the joy of moments spent together on their couch should stay far enough from their working environments.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man - Just as all other combinations of these Sun signs, these two make a pretty good match most of the time. The problem will appear when this man hasn’t reached his potential or fought for his achievements and career the way he planned to. The practical sense of a Taurus woman won’t stand for self-pity, and they could drift apart if they don’t fight for themselves and their personal achievements along the way.