Taurus And Aquarius

Taurus Compatibility with Aquarius

Taurus & Aquarius Romance and Love Life

No matter their intellectual battle and all sorts of words that could be spoken, these two share a strong attraction when they find each other in similar emotional needs. When a Taurus gets stuck in inertia, Aquarius is exactly who they want to be with. This can happen while an Aquarius questions their need to settle down in a lasting bond with a loving partner. Although it is impossible to say what the future will bring, when they meet under such circumstances, there is no reason for them not to be open for mutual understanding.

Taurus & Aquarius Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

It is often said that Taurus is conservative but the truth is they are just shy. With an Aquarius partner, they will have to break free, relax, and become a lot more flexible in their approach to physical contact. Open communication won’t be enough to keep an Aquarius partner entertained or filled with understanding for things they find obsolete and outdated. However, if they slow down to feel the needs their Taurus wishes to show, they could both end up giving each other exactly what they need.

Taurus & Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

With the sign of Taurus being the sign of Aquarius ruler’s fall, it is clear that they tend to take a lot of energy from each other. While one partner wishes to fly high, inspired and always in search for new ideas, the other seems to always be there to ground them and speak about true options in world as we know it today. Closed for innovations and new techniques, technologies, and ways of thinking, communication with a Taurus for such open-minded partner won’t be easy.

Taurus & Aquarius Strengths and Weaknesses

With so much exhilaration when it comes to love, they both fully understand the excitement of emotion and everything it could improve in their lives. The shock of their encounter can give them something to write or sing about for decades, as if lightning struck and gave them the energy to create. Their weakness lies in their individual weaknesses, Taurus not being able to embrace change, getting tied to things that are long gone, and Aquarius fighting with their own inner tension to break free from everything that keeps them tied down.

Taurus & Aquarius General Compatibility

This isn’t a couple that seems very compatible at first, but if you take a better look, there is a lot they share. Their approach to daily romance will be mostly different, but the importance of love in their lives just the same. This gives them something to discuss and focus on when things get rough. If they find those incredible golden middle grounds, Aquarius could use their connection to the sky to gather information, letting their Taurus bring them down to Earth, making ideas touchable and real.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman - This woman is used to different men in her life, and while Taurus doesn’t seem like someone able to fulfill the need of her Sun, he could seem interesting for being different from everyone she’s ever dated. He will see her as inspiring and exciting for a little while, at least until he realizes that she will never change her ways and become anything more mellow, calm, or tender than what she already is, happy with her choices.

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man - She has the ability to make this man reach for the skies, but only if she accepts his true talents. He is not turned to practical issues and this isn’t because of his malicious nature, but rather his detachment from the world and his main role in the zodiac – to connect us to the higher plane of existence. He is responsible for much more than meets the eye and feels important for it, set apart from other people. Still, he has to nurture this woman’s need to be loved at all times in order for their relationship not to break.