The Scorpio Woman

Exploring The Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Woman's Thoughts

She is a woman with incredible depth of mind, and with an equation going on in her brain, impossible to analyze and understand for people who don't put enough effort in understanding of her intellectual spheres. She will mostly think about things that aren't even from this world, as if her natural train of thought is coming from a station distant from planet Earth. When her focus is turned to practical matters, they will usually involve her career and status, along with every faulty action she ever made. Her mind will reflect her fears and a lot of pressure can come from her mental processes, simply because she feels something is wrong with the entire setting of her life. It is important for her to nurture her inner feelings of purpose in order for her brain to make a valid plan that will satisfy her upon realization.

Scorpio Woman In Marriage

Married life of a Scorpio woman is usually a product of a long-term relationship that simply reached the point in which this is the next logical step. She doesn't see much meaning in marriage itself, being free-spirited and tied to no legal structure, but once she signs those papers she becomes fully aware of the importance those new ties brought into her life. She will approach each relationship with dedication and love, and if she doesn't find emotion, there is a slim chance she will stick around for long. Her marriage needs tenderness and mutual devotion in order to work out, and she will find it with the right person as soon as she starts valuing herself instead of choosing to settle for less.

Scorpio Woman In Bed

A Scorpio woman sees her sexual experiences mostly like childish play. She will rarely approach physical connections with her partners through the usual seriousness she possesses, not because she is shy or insecure, but because she truly thinks physical touch is meant to be fun. Ready to experiment and try out new things, this is a woman with a lot to say on the subject and with a strangely fast mind and wit when it comes to physical encounters. She has to be intellectually stimulated or she won't really find much satisfaction in her physical relationships, and she will only share true intimacy in bed when she falls in love deeply enough to realize the serious side of her emotions that needs to be embraced.

Intimate world of a Scorpio Woman

Intimacy is a strange term for a Scorpio woman, for she doesn't really feel the need to share much, except when she “clicks” with the other person, no matter their age, gender, or any other stereotype they could be seen through. She needs her friends involved in the most intimate spheres of life, and can't seem to find any way to vent from stress of her inner struggle. She is on a hidden search for freedom of heart and a state of mind that will truly serve her emotions.

Scorpio Woman With Children

This woman dreams of a time when she was a child, and gives in to nostalgia more often than she'd like to admit. Her main creative focus in life is held in her talents, and if she doesn't manifest them through her work and career, she could be the parent to impose her goals on her children. In general, she is deeply emotional and feels that the intimate world of her family needs to stay hidden from the public eye. She is deep and filled with understanding, although a bit distant at first and unaware of the rush of love for newborn babies. Emotions sneak up on her and rise sky high through time, for the amount of blunt trust she can have with any child is something she can never search for in a grownup. This makes her blindly committed to raising her little human to remain in the state of goodness of heart.

Scorpio Woman at Work

Her working habits might not be as steady and giving as one would anticipate, but she is surely someone to get the work done. She needs enough room to show initiative and lead the way, or she will simply prioritize and stay at one workplace until her goals are reached and she is ready to move on to the next one. There is a lot of energy in her approach to daily matters, instinctive battles and impatience to get the job done. When something truly interests her, she has trouble staying away from the subject, and she will make a great journalist or an investigator who would never give up on their quest. Her best results are seen at a workplace where she has something to discover, dig through, while not having to deal with the collective need for small talk and tricky relationships with other women.

Appearance of a Scorpio Woman

A woman born in the sign of Scorpio is truly influential, and you can feel her magnetic presence no matter what she looks like. Her main physical traits are held in sharp edges, bony appearance, long fingers and impressive toes. She always has interesting feet, for they serve to tie her to the ground and help her find her center inside planet Earth, where the greatest pool of energy lies. Her eyes are deep and speak much more than her words, her nails and hair often seemingly messy but always taken care of. She will wear black and dark colors, but she could surprise you with an unusual colorful mix that doesn't even seem to fit her personality. Her facial expression will speak of her hidden Martian nature, and her nose is often there to remind us of her dangerous, instinctive side.

Scorpio Woman With Money

This is a generous soul and someone always willing to give a helping hand when it comes to finances. She won't have much trouble sharing everything she has with people she loves, but she will expect the same in return and these expectations could lead to disappointments. Friendships that lasted for years could get interrupted and ended because of financial issues. She is quite childish and naïve when it comes to earning, but her dominant Scorpio nature will kick in when necessary to put a stop on any irrational choices she makes. Wide in her perspectives, she always has an open door to make money, and she could provoke envy in people around her if she doesn't fit into standard social financial norms.

Convictions of a Scorpio Woman

When we are speaking of her beliefs and convictions, we have to understand that she doesn't really approve of emotions while obviously living only to learn about and find faith in them. She believes in shared love and everyone's ability to feel, while dismissing her own ability to have deep feelings day after day. A strong believer in family, closeness and intimacy, she has relationships to prove her dedication to the cause of interpersonal compassion, understanding, and love. Her one true motto would say that if we only had enough support from our loved ones, there is nothing we wouldn't be able to do.

Goals of a Scorpio Woman

It is clear that goals of a Scorpio woman are something to truly be prioritized and observed through status she manages to create. She is in search for her strong will and powerful self-recognition, and this will make her an incredibly good psychoanalyst or someone who searches for answers in her inner world daily. Her need to remain centered and brave will pull her forwards even when she loses faith, and it is clear that her main objective in life is to become someone she is proud of, expressing her inner personality with ease and childish creativity.

Scorpio Woman In Friendship

Similar to a Scorpio man, this woman won't accept any stupidity in her world of friendships. She can settle for way less than what she deserves on an emotional plane, but she won't be able to face the intellectual insufficiency or flaws in people she chooses for her social circle. Her friends will typically be martyrs or those who don't have anyone else to turn to, and she will surround herself with individuals who have problems, in need of her help and guidance, but still smart enough to recognize a good dialogue when they see it. If her line of work is also in touch with that inner push to heal and help others fix themselves, she needs to stay on a safe distance to get the work done, instead of instantly letting it intertwine with her friendship zone.

Dreams of a Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman will dream about togetherness and love for another human being, bringing the ideal of love into focus day after day. Her subconscious world will be filled with ties to all sorts of emotions she has for others, and the field of relationships will be her beginning and her end. She wishes to find her other half and her perfect mirror, and has to embrace the fact that only powerful work on her personality tends to bring her onto the plane where the love of her life might be. Her dreamland is a pool of maximal responsibility, where every little thing is shared in a bond and respect is forgotten in the name of love.