The Scorpio Man

Exploring The Scorpio Man

Scorpio Man's Thoughts

His thoughts go deep and his mind is mathematical and straightforward. He understands the idea of action and consequence better than anyone else, belonging to the sign that seems to connect natures of Mars and Saturn into one, through magnificent Pluto. His mind can be brilliant and incredibly deep when fear isn't a part of his emotional world. Fear and dissatisfaction, his walls held up high, often make this man someone we have every right to be afraid of. He needs to nurture his compassionate, emotional world at all times in order to keep his mental world clean and free of jealous or vindictive thoughts that serve him no good. He is the planner of the zodiac, side by side with Capricorn, ready to make a final sacrifice only to reach the point he chose a long time ago.

Scorpio Man In Marriage

When he decides to get married, he does so with an intention to truly spend his life with his partner. He is devoted and dedicated to the idea of married life, and makes things last with a lot more ease than some other signs of the zodiac might. He will choose a partner to reflect his soft side, someone to truly manifest the emotional world he wants to bring to reality, and finds that sensuality, intimacy, and touch, define the potential of each one of his relationship. There is something a bit static and unchangeable when he is living with his partner, and it could make him feel impatient and uncomfortable. His need for change needs to be respected and nurtured every day, or he might come to find that the physical world isn't a place where his true love can be found.

Scorpio Man In Bed

There is something strangely superficial in Scorpio man's approach to sex. His entire world of depth and emotional recognition that goes beyond the understanding of others seems to stop here, only to make room for him to express and vent through physical contact. His sexual relationships sometimes lack emotion, and they can be too frequent and superficial at first, until he embraces his own inner truth and the fact that purpose of physical touch is only found in real feelings. Sex is something he will talk about, think about, and keep in the practical sphere of life, while rarely realizing just how deep the ties go once he decides to let go to learn the truth behind the act.

Intimate world of a Scorpio Man

The intimate world of a Scorpio man is a very strange place. He seems to have the need to push himself away from all intimacy and create the world of universal thought, while at the same time shooting for the stars in search for the ideal of love. Deep, in the tenderest side of his nature, we will see that he is full of surprises and adventure, ready to give equality to the entire human race and fight for any rebellious cause that seems to support his universal truth. He lives for his own utopia and true freedom from boundaries of his mind, and has a task to set apart from spinning in circles of obsessive overthinking and fix-it-all attitudes.

Scorpio Man With Children

An idealistic view on youth and raising children could set this man apart from a rational approach to parenting. He can be an excellent parent, idealizing every little person he creates as if they were the manifestation of his ultimate talent, but he can also be full of fear, unclear in his boundaries, and strangely dishonest in the attempt to protect his child from the world. He sees babies and extremely small children as too sensitive for the rough world we live in. It is typical for him to approach a boy and a girl through certain archetypes, loving them senselessly, but putting good communication in the background even when it is needed. Emotions could blind him, especially if he doesn't have a strong relationship with them every day, and he could be surprised by things that come out from his subconscious world while dealing with his ideal little successors.

Scorpio Man at Work

When it comes to matters of work, this is a man dedicated to his obligations and truly ready to make an impressive resume, reach for a high position, and fight for everything that belongs to him by birth right. He has the power to move forwards, win a prize, force each important achievement, and really accomplish anything he wants to. He needs to learn about interpersonal relationships in the workplace though, for they might be a bit too hurtful for his sensitive emotional nature. Teamwork has a task to teach him of his true leading role and character, with all of its positive and negative traits. He is the one to start something new, think of a project that everyone will benefit from. If he fails to reach the position of a leader he feels he deserves, he can become envious and angry, without being able to see the bigger picture and realize that there is a purpose to his current state and position.

Appearance of a Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man can seem dangerous, with a deep look in his eyes, wildly focused on one point, or one person at a time. There is something dark in his appearance, and this tends to give him an incredibly attractive note that many have trouble resisting. His body is firm and ready to attack, his nails bent, and his nose often sharp or long. When you look at his entire posture he could seem as if he is one with the Earth, wearing dark red or black shoes, and grabbing every breath with devotion and obsessive craving for life. He will turn to dangerous activities in no time, and his nostrils, ears, and teeth will all share the same image of constant preparedness for anything that might come.

Scorpio Man With Money

According to a typical Scorpio nature, we might presume that a man born in this sign has the incredible ability to make a fortune. Although he might be blessed with resources, he is often kind of lost when it comes to finances. At the same time, this man will be giving money for irrelevant issues, while also nurturing his financial vision for the future and imagining great deeds that can yet be accomplished. He is someone able to create anything and materialize his visions with ease, while also setting his expectations very high. If he doesn't manage to stay closely connected to the real world, he could lose focus and give everything he owns for a higher cause, only to become a victim of a big scam.

Convictions of a Scorpio Man

This is a man confident that inner peace and feelings of home, followed by his deepest moral imperatives, must take him where he wants to go. He believes in the power of family, as they are the people who truly recognize his emotional side, and he will rely on them for help and support whenever it is possible. On the other hand, his sign rejects the Moon and makes things a bit complicated, for he seems to learn in time that the exact things he believes in are those he is trying to amputate from his inner world. The real convictions he will learn to build up are found only in his love for himself and unconditional acceptance of each human.

Goals of a Scorpio Man

This is a man with the sign of Leo in his tenth house, and he has a goal to become special, creative, famous, incredibly brave and strong, a true leader among others. He wants to discover his full potential, talents and true personality, without a shred of doubt or dilemma in his mind. As he discovers the strong tool of self-recognition, he can only move upwards and this makes him confident and strong, able to metabolize any situation that comes his way. He wants to build a powerful position in the world, fully aware of his qualities and the respect he deserves.

Scorpio Man In Friendship

This is a man capable of socializing only with people on a similar intellectual level. He will find jewels among common people, those he can truly connect to although they might be in some way damaged, ill, or of a lower social and financial status. He won't care about differences with others for as long as he feels respected and his heart connected to the rest of the world. He wants his friends just, modest, and as reasonable as possible, for he understands their emotional side even when they don't show it through drama and loud expressions.

Dreams of a Scorpio Man

He dreams of a perfect bond with another human being, a love made to be shared until the dying day. This is a man with a strong drive for partnership, and his relationships will inspire him, make him dream even more vividly, and sometimes tie him to the past and people that had to leave. He isn't afraid to dream big, about one true love, for he knows that there must be a purpose to the existence of polarities in the world. He is, after all, the one on the wrong side of right at all times. If he doesn't close his sensitive heart along the way, who knows where his dreams might find their realization?