Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Love, Career and Health Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope: WEEKLY 07/16/2018 - 07/22/2018 Change Sign

Love - Many romances begin within group activities, and that can mean your sporting clubs, political organisations, drama groups, writing clubs, AA or any place where you get together with people of similar interests. The friendship element and having shared hobbies is the best springboard for love right now.

Career - This is an ideal time to work on shoring up the foundations of any plan and getting things 100% right. What’s more, this can also be a time where the pressure is off somewhat and where you have an excuse to take it easy. Mercury is slowing down and will go retrograde on the 27th of this month and so if you have any public engagements or any publicity work, you best complete before then.

Health - Make sure your home and health insurance is up to date and know what you are covered for. If you or your partner keep guns, be meticulous about their safety.