Scorpio And Leo

Scorpio Compatibility with Leo

Scorpio & Leo Romance and Love Life

Both of these signs are romantic in their core, but often don’t show it much. There is something pushing their emotions away, as if they are repulsed by the idea to show any weakness to one another. With their egos in a strange squaring state, this is a couple that has the need to present only their strongest side, as if they were in constant battle for supremacy. They have to be able to share vulnerability, slowness, and sensitivity in order to find peace.

Scorpio & Leo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

This is one of the most liberating sexual combinations of the zodiac, for Leo shines a light on Scorpio’s darkest needs, and in return, Scorpio gives depth of recognition and emotion into their shared intimate life. Jealousy is almost a given, as if they had to face their demons of solitude and loss with one another, but this will keep them in an extremely passionate mode, ready to open up for an overwhelming physical connection they both need. They will learn a lot through this contact, approaching new experiences without fear and excited about possibilities they have when together.

Scorpio & Leo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

An intellectual bond between these partners won’t be easy. There is a lot of passion and excitement in their approach, and although Scorpio might be seemingly quiet, with their true nature covered by a veil of silence, their inner state is as fiery as Leo’s. With such different ways of expression, one of them being loud to show a statement and express, and the other quietly going in depth on each topic that comes up, they can have real trouble understanding how much some issues interest and occupy each other’s minds.

Scorpio & Leo Strengths and Weaknesses

The incredible strength of this couple lies in their individual sense of power and influence, for when these two combine, it becomes obvious that there is nothing and no one they cannot defeat on their way to glory. Leo will take on the role of a loud leader ready to take charge, and Scorpio will work from the shadows and turn others to look their partner’s way. Unfortunately, they rarely agree on where this power can be used, in silent or loud resentment of each other’s ways and too fixed to change and adapt.

Scorpio & Leo General Compatibility

This is one of the power couples of the zodiac, and they feel the potential of their bond all the way through their relationship. Both of them attractive, even magnetic to their surroundings, jealousy could surface as soon as they reach the point of intimacy. They need to nurture trust at all times, even though they both enjoy this kind of attention and dedication. If they find a way to be flexible and find happiness in simple things instead of always craving for grandiose or ultimate satisfactions, they could really start enjoying their romance.

Scorpio Man and Leo Woman - In search for a man with a strong character, Leo woman will be surprised that someone so intuitive and seemingly calm can turn out to have all that she seeks. Still, their relationship can be challenged by a constant fight for dominance, especially if one of them tries controlling the other and turning them in a direction they don’t want to take. The greatest enemy of this couple hides in attempts of manipulation, for however small, they could be the reason their entire world breaks apart.

Scorpio Woman and Leo Man - Puzzled by this strongly passionate woman, a Leo man will feel deeply inspired to go on a quest of winning her heart. What he often doesn’t realize is that her heart is much closer than it seems, and care followed by incredible amounts of tenderness is needed in order to keep it safe and protect it from pain. She is willing to give him all she has, but expects the same intensity of his ties in return.