Scorpio And Cancer

Scorpio Compatibility with Cancer

Scorpio & Cancer Romance and Love Life

A relationship between a Cancer and a Scorpio is deeply emotional and turbulent for both partners equally. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Scorpio brings it to fall, as if its role is to speak of its dark side and face their partner with the negative of their emotions and their soul. The ease of this contact lies in mutual emotional understanding on levels unreachable for other signs of the zodiac. Still, perfection of understanding won’t be easily reached by anyone, and when together, they could have trouble coping with this fact, for they see potential to become one.

Scorpio & Cancer Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

All of the strong sexuality Cancer hides from while running away from Mars, is triggered and brought to surface by Scorpio’s approach. This kind of bond helps a Cancer partner to show where their core lies and lets them vent, finally embracing their sexuality as perfectly normal. The important thing here is to not use this intimate, emotional, physical touch to manipulate or hurt any of these two partners, intentionally or not. Careful about each other’s feelings, they need to protect their sense of touch and their shared love at all times, even from themselves when it is necessary.

Scorpio & Cancer Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Calm and moving in the same pace, these partners know how to talk to each other even when no one else can find a way to approach them. Scorpio will be truly supportive in any time of crisis, pointing out to their stable Cancer partner that the time for change has come. In return, the feeling of closeness and home Cancer will provide helps their communication become constructive and a lot less depressing or dark than Scorpio is often used to.

Scorpio & Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

The most important strong suit of this couple is their emotional understanding. It is sometimes hard to recognize its depth in the sea of trouble with instinct, conflict, and sometimes strong jealousy, but it is there for the taking and always much deeper than they are both able to create with other signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately, this is also the thing that can destroy their bond if Scorpio’s need to dismiss weakness is too strong, and Cancer’s fears take over.

Scorpio & Cancer General Compatibility

The task of these partners is to give each other light, faith and hope in the time of darkness. From time to time, their bond is there only to support them through hard periods, and ends once the sense of calm and clarity is reached. In general, this relationship always speaks of matters of the heart and these partners’ abilities to embrace their deep emotional sides and turn to sensitivity to reach for satisfaction. Forgiveness and support represent the key to making this bond functional. With enough effort and energy put in, they will both be willing to make it last for lifetimes to come.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman - If there is a patient woman in the zodiac, it is a woman born in the sign of Cancer. Although they are sometimes observed as irrational and even chaotic, while also mellow and prone to receive too many outer experiences, she will know exactly how to approach her Scorpio man to make him open up and embrace feelings he has for her. Love between these partners is strong and even when communication fails they can mend their differences through deep emotional understanding.

Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man - If this woman perceives this man’s attitude as weak, they will have trouble from the start. They are supposed to see each other’s strengths instead of weaknesses and need to pay attention to the abilities they have instead of dismissing them right away. When respect is strong, this woman will get just the support she needs, strongly pushed by his sense of direction and motivation that she might lack when she’s feeling lost.