The Sagittarius Woman

Exploring The Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Woman's Thoughts

A Sagittarius woman has an innovative mind, always in search for new information to implement in her usual thinking processes. One of her tasks in this lifetime is obviously to set free from dogmatic views and opinions of people surrounding her. She is your astrologer, free thinker, and someone to give everyone equality in her mind, in whichever way she might be capable to do so. There is something distant and detached sensed in her mental realm, as if she had to to stay rational in order to keep functioning, focused on personal freedoms and individuality of herself and everyone around her.

Sagittarius Woman In Marriage

This woman loves a meaningful conversation more than anything, and it is very often that she will end up with a talkative partner belonging to the element of Air. She wants her relationship to be a bond between humans first, civilized, easygoing, adventurous, and a smart choice for her future. This could take her in an unwanted rational direction if she pushes her heart aside for too long, but her childish nature will still remain intact through all of her possible relationships. She needs an intellectually equal partner or she will be flooded by negative emotions and loneliness. The partner she seeks will hold her hand when sadness shows in her eyes, even if she says she is just fine. Understanding has to go deep and touch the realm of feelings or she will simply end up in yet another search for love, leaving unsatisfying relationships in the past.

Sagittarius Woman In Bed

A Sagittarius woman can choose to have casual, adventurous choices when it comes to sex, but her sensitive emotional side will always push her in an entirely different direction. She will connect by heart through physical touch, and end up in her emotional doubts and moral questioning whenever she starts a new sexual bond. It is imperative for her to feel loved, nurtured, and safe, in order to find satisfaction in bed. Sexuality is her pathway to self-recognition, her soul being left in pieces everywhere she takes her clothes of, and she has to respect her own need for intimacy and loving emotions, or she won't find the satisfaction she seeks.

Intimate world of a Sagittarius Woman

It is clear that this woman is as sensitive as an unprotected child, but only to a trained eye and someone able to see her confusing emotional personality. She seems to live in some sort of an idealistic bubble that separates her from reality and the world everyone else lives in. Her dreamland is already a part of her deepest sensitive side that is never prepared for the horrors of the real world. It is imperative that she builds a semipermeable membrane to protect her heart, in order to stay open enough and shift her perspective from good and time-limited to even better, instead of getting disappointed and hurt.

Sagittarius Woman With Children

We will all love to see a Sagittarius mother in her role, for she is smiling, energetic, ready to jump in and play with her child, and tends to be the strong guidance for anyone in need of her support and lessons. The main precondition for good parenting in her case is emotional closeness and her ability to truly connect, without wandering thoughts, impatience, being pulled aside by irrelevant matters, and with a true focus on her child's wellbeing. Although her intentions are always good, she gets overprotective from time to time, seeing the world as rough and challenging. Somewhere along the way she might fail to realize that her little ones need to learn how to stand tall and protect themselves.

Sagittarius Woman at Work

It is almost impossible for this woman to not find satisfaction through her career. She has to move forwards and grow in this lifetime, and while she is sometimes described as lazy or unmotivated, she has a strong internal drive that should pull her out of any dissatisfying working situation she finds herself in. She finds work to have a mission to provide her with resources, but if she doesn't manage to creatively express through it she will suffer. Wrong choices will affect her health and she needs to find value and true inspiration in everything she does in order to stay on top of her game.

Appearance of a Sagittarius Woman

The trademark of a Sagittarius woman is her smile. Even when her teeth are crooked or her mouth small, her smiling eyes will reflect her incredible inner warmth. She can be tall and dignified, or completely the opposite - short and clumsy. Whatever the case, she will have a royal glow surrounding her, as if she was always on a pedestal that separates her from the crowd. She can try not to look arrogant but still remain seen as a snob, for her appearance shows how hard she has worked in her past lives to deserve the ancestry she's got today. Her hips are wide, her back straight, and her entire body seems a bit tilted backwards as if she is always giving others the right of passage. This is a woman who sinks into weight issues as soon as her heart isn't filled with feelings, and needs to nurture and embrace her emotional side in order to feel good about the way she looks.

Sagittarius Woman With Money

Although she is on the chase to learn about her personal value and earnings she can gain in this lifetime, she will often have some sort of a spasm when it comes to spending money. In general, the sign of Sagittarius is connected to overspending, but since she is aware of this side of her nature, her entire belief system will make her need to spend seem troubling and something to be rectified. The real problem hides in the fact that her convictions take her to a state of believing in “not having enough” for her incredibly high expenses. In the meantime, she forgets how much she is really worth and doesn't stop to wonder if it is her beliefs that brought her into trouble. She is misled by her own inner notion that she always tends to give more than she has and this is a vicious circle she has to get out of in order to find balance in the world of material wealth.

Convictions of a Sagittarius Woman

If you would ask a Sagittarius woman what she believes in, her most honest answer should build up for her to say – in herself. The strength of personality and leadership she feels in her bones is something to shoot for, and she will rarely settle for anything less than what she knows she was born to do. Her drive is strong and her focus set on distant travel and new discoveries, and we have to understand that this is the consequence of her belief in the search for her own heroic image. She is guided by one, universal truth, and committed to the synthesis of all things into one centered point. Summoned by great distances, she won't discover who she is too close to home.

Goals of a Sagittarius Woman

Speaking about her goals, we have to realize that it is one of her most important missions in life to become a rational, “normal” person. She will feel as if she was out of this world, a misfit, and someone to always stay in search for a place she truly belongs in. Her main objective in life seems to be to become less than what she is, but she fails to realize that this only lessens her chances of materializing what she always wanted in the first place. She has to work on self-acceptance and emotions in order for her goals to grow from those that satisfy her material cravings to those that satisfy her soul.

Sagittarius Woman In Friendship

It is almost impossible for this woman to separate partnership from friendship, and she will mix up her social bonds with emotional ones, as well as professional with those she nurtured since she was a child. This is a part of her existence where she is in constant search for balance, for she will easily grab everything life has to offer, often failing to create protection from the real world. She needs social relationships to mirror her true personality and we will often see that this is a woman with a truly rich social life where all different roles intertwine, making it hard for the rest of the world to see who has priority on her friendships list.

Dreams of a Sagittarius Woman

This is a woman dreaming of all or nothing, situations that might never come, and her heart is often filled with sadness for her losses and everything she needed to overcome to get where she is. It is a strange situation that never truly reflects her optimism and hopeful nature, as if she is always dreaming of a dark time and a place she is tied to in the past, while turning her head with force and determination to the future. She will dream of deep emotional peace, of things she can truly commit to, letting go to the river of her ancestors and finding a way to embrace her own personality with all of its shadows and challenges.