The Sagittarius Man

Exploring The Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius Man's Thoughts

This is a man with a special mind, the one who has the ability to anticipate things in advance, rich with grand visions and cosmic intelligence. However, when his ego isn't well-built and he takes too many things personally with little awareness of the outer world, he can become a rebel without a cause, someone to always fight for opposition influenced by circumstances in the material world. His mind is filled with new ideas, incredible thoughts and processes that truly connect him to the higher plane, and he always has something to say, sometimes irritating and stressful for people he is surrounded with. He has the ability to snap others out of their static worlds, shake them up, and make them realize that there are many chances and open doors in front of them if they are only willing to look around.

Sagittarius Man In Marriage

Married life doesn't quite suit this man, except in the case when there is enough diversity and change in his relationship. It could be a bearer of ultimate stress, for he doesn't want to give up on his freedom. He will give in to parallel relationships in an instant if his moral foundations aren't as strong as he wants them to be, and if his needs for adventure and intellectual challenge aren't met. In general, he needs a relationship with just enough problems to think about so he is always reminded how human he is, while at the same time letting him build his own personal expression, followed by powerful conversations that leave little room for misunderstandings.

Sagittarius Man In Bed

The sensitivity of his intimate world is strongly emphasized in the field of sexuality, and while this man might be the Don Juan of the zodiac, he is also a tender soul in search for a true emotional bond that will be shared on a physical plane. For as long as he is in search for the mother of his children, he will be on the right path and share enough heart in his relationships, truly dedicated to his inner feelings of belonging and home. Unfortunately, very often he falls astray, gives in to his instinctive role and if hurt too many times – gives up on his search for true intimacy and emotional peace found through sexual relations.

Intimate world of a Sagittarius Man

The sign of Sagittarius is highly sensitive and emotional, much more than one might see at first glance. This man will seem like a distant, intellectual being, always preoccupied with his mind and thoughts, but his inner core is vulnerable and extremely turned to idealism and utopia that isn't that easy to find in the real world. When he connects with another human, he will show his sensitivity to a point where fear might kick in, for his hurts from the past tend to blur his vision and make him fear intimate relationships. This isn't something he will always be fully aware of for there is a lot he doesn't understand in his emotional world. He belongs to an active, straightforward and highly intellectual masculine sign, and is often ready to dismiss parts of his heart with too much ease.

Sagittarius Man With Children

This is a man who is direct, simple, and intense when it comes to parenthood, with incredible energy to share with any child that comes his way. His optimism and love for variety will shine with young people and around children, big or small, and his smile will be constantly present. Still, his fiery nature could be a bit aggressive and his need to impose his will and moral judgment a bit too strong. When the energy of this man is pointed into his personal life and endeavors, he will be the young-at-heart parent every child would dream of, wide in perspective and giving just enough freedom to his offspring. If this is not the case and his frustration builds on his failures, he could become demanding and set his expectations high, only to be disappointed as his little ones separate and fly away from the nest.

Sagittarius Man at Work

The most important thing a Sagittarius man has to find in his workplace is the sense of personal value. His earnings will show his inner progress, for he may not be modest at all but he will always be prepared to give his services for free, or do them based on emotional blackmail instead of real energy flow. His office can be his zone of comfort but only if he satisfies his physical needs through the financial response, and if has enough creativity to express his true personality through work. There is a strong connection of his love for his job with his inner state of peace. If he isn't satisfied with his choices, advancement, or working environment, he will become lazy and overly static, turned to other areas of life with a lot more passion and focus.

Appearance of a Sagittarius Man

When a man is born with his Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, he is born under a promise of everything large, with incredible magnitude and gravity. Although he can be short or thin by appearance, his eyes will reflect his greatness and actual inner dimensions. This is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the primal god among Roman deities, and it speaks of wide shoulders and strong hips. This is a man of physical strength with his look wandering somewhere in the distance, his moves long and decisive and his walk dignified. Steps he makes are long and his feet are always bouncing off the ground as if he was a horse trotting around in search for a new adventure.

Sagittarius Man With Money

The nature of a Sagittarius man is giving and wide and one would think that his primal instinct is to overspend and share everything he's got. Still, this isn't really the case and he often doesn't have that much to give, driven by goals that take him high, setting him apart from reasonable expectations and reality. He will have to face his circumstances now and then, realizing that it is imperative to recognize consequences of his activities, and in time this man often learns to save and discovers the ability to be extremely responsible with his earnings. There are lessons to be learned in his second house, and he will not be immune to circumstantial challenges that come his way only to remind him of the real world he needs to find grounding in.

Convictions of a Sagittarius Man

This man knows that he could become the king of the world if he only wanted to. There is nothing stopping him from greatness, except his relationships with other people and the state of heart and emotions he often neglects. His vision is clear and his main objective to be confident and self-sufficient enough to discover the core of his personality. With a strong belief in Unity, oneness, and the human ability to creatively express through each individual's fiery nature, he knows that there is only one truth to be found and seeks synthesis in all of his ventures.

Goals of a Sagittarius Man

A man born with his Sun in Sagittarius has a main goal to find satisfaction in the physical world. He needs to materialize his visions, bring them to life, and truly manifest his thoughts in all of the details he wants to create. If his mind keeps him too far from the ground, in the field of ideas and future possibilities, little will get done and chances of him creating the life he dreams of will remain just where they have always been – in the future. He yearns for motivation to build a powerful foundation for the life he dreams of, and shouldn't ever settle for less.

Sagittarius Man In Friendship

The sign of Libra is set in the eleventh house of each Sagittarius, speaking of the entire balance of relationships set in the realm of friendships and social bonds. This man will confuse them with love, and romance will intertwine with intellectual challenge, deep friendly understanding and idealism of love. He cannot create a solid boundary to the outer world and this makes him vulnerable to lose energy to all sorts of energy stealers and vampires. He will always have people with weak personalities in his life, there to feed off his need to be the person with the best possible intentions. This man has to realize that no matter the disappointments he might stumble upon, he should never lose his childish joy and faith in humanity. Instead, he needs to build stronger fences to the outside world, raising his awareness for intentions of fellow human beings high enough to protect himself.

Dreams of a Sagittarius Man

The dreamland of a Sagittarius man is not an easy place to reside in. He will dream of a black and while world, ultimate successes and freedom, with incredible detail and depth. What he often fails to realize is that this land is on the tip of his fingers, if he was only ready to embrace his positive and negative emotions, no matter if they come down to love or hate. To bring his dreams to life, he has to let go to the flow of time, understanding reality as it is instead of hiding behind his pink goggles that make the world all fuzzy and unreal.