Sagittarius And Leo

Sagittarius Compatibility with Leo

Sagittarius & Leo Romance and Love Life

Fiery signs always understand each other in their view of romance, but in the case of Leo and Sagittarius, there is something in the element of change driving them apart. Leo is a fixed sign and although they are always prepared for incredible things, they will rarely like being moved around too much in their cause. On the other hand Sagittarius is a mutable sign that thinks of life as an adventure, turned to the future and hardly ever truly living in the now. They have a wonderful chance to connect these realities and show each other their love in incredible ways, but only if a Sagittarius doesn’t move on and leave their Leo behind.

Sagittarius & Leo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Such passionate signs never lack the energy or initiative when it comes to their approach to the sexual side of their bond. They will get along truly well for as long as Leo adapts to the need of their partner to lead the way from time to time, which is easy to do if admiration comes as natural to both of them as it usually does. Each of these signs is dominant in a certain area of their relationship, Leo usually being in charge of their physical reality, with their partner’s role to bring in adventure and excitement into their sex life.

Sagittarius & Leo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

If there is a sign in the zodiac that can keep a Sagittarius collected and focused, it is Leo. Communication between these partners will flow, warm and filled with passionate, loud discussions they both feel invigorated by. Their characters recognize each other, guided by their high self-awareness and the ability to see the light in everyone around them. Leo will bring focus and grounding to their conversations, being the practical one, and Sagittarius will show direction in the distance, giving width and relative perspectives that help them understand any situation at hand.

Sagittarius & Leo Strengths and Weaknesses

This couple has a trine of the Suns in fiery signs and this helps them see each other with clarity. When one of them is lost, their partner can show them the way and remind them of their core and everything they set out to do in this lifetime. On the downside, such strong characters can be quite set in their ways and unable to recognize the subtle glow of emotions beneath the surface. Being rough even to themselves, they could push each other too far, breaking boundaries and taking initiative where mutual agreements should be made.

Sagittarius & Leo General Compatibility

It is clear that these partners recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses maybe as soon as they meet, their connection always colored with mutual understanding and respect. The problem will surface when one of them starts acting out, seeing their partner as a threat that endangers their ways. When they are truly ready to adapt and make changes in a way that allows their emotions to flow, these partners will share a lifetime together creating incredible experiences along the way.

Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman - She doesn’t have a problem with his changeable nature for she sees his deep personal core every time their eyes meet. This is something he values greatly, looking at her power of dominance with admiration, swept off his feet by her ability to make everyone around her follow wherever she leads. He needs her focus and she needs his width, both of them impatient to shape their future together.

Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man - This woman might be in search for a man with more flexibility, but she will admire her Leo just the same. He will see her through eyes of passion and devotion, feeling gratitude for her strength instead of weighing her down. They will meet when they are finally certain what they want out of romance, and this decisiveness can keep them together for a long time.