The Pisces Woman

Exploring The Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman's Thoughts

It is impossible to see what is in a Pisces woman's mind, but it is not as unpredictable as you might anticipate. She will think about her family a lot, much more than some other people might, and all sorts of loving relationships, hedonistic drives, and physical experiences she has been having. It is her imperative to think about positive things wearing a smile on her face. Still, she often gets stuck in her own personal idealism and attempts to make it real on planet Earth. Her connection to the real world needs to empower her mind to move forwards, or she will end up in a rigid mental environment that doesn't allow progress, and become static herself.

Pisces Woman In Marriage

Married life of a Pisces woman can become boring to her much sooner than she might think. A believer in one true love, she will choose her partner based on emotions, but fail to see just how much they differ in so many areas of life. This woman will feel her entire system of beliefs shaken and questioned by the partner standing in front of her, and if she has too many nasty opinions about herself, she could become the one who is being humiliated way too often. It is important for her to build a powerful sense of self-worth or it could be taken away, along with her energy, freedom, and a very needed sense of faith in the goodness of the human kind. She needs to hold on to her childhood images and beliefs so to find grounding through a deep relationship with another individual.

Pisces Woman In Bed

The power of two is really seen in this woman's sex life. She will have her set of rules when it comes to physical encounters, but this doesn't mean she will always act within her moral imperatives. Relationships are the area of change in her life, and sexuality will be built through several important bonds, unless in cases when she is turned to idealism to the point in which inhibition is preferable for as long as she isn't married. She will be tender but just, sometimes too distant to connect instantly on an emotional plane, and this often comes as a surprise to her partner, expecting to always see her heart on a sleeve, no matter the situation.

Intimate world of a Pisces Woman

As if she was turned upside down or inside out, this woman seems to wear her heart on her sleeve and keep her mind hidden from the world. It is a strange setting that allows her to feel and anticipate certain things coming from other people, while at the same time seemingly uninterested and not at all curious about situations at hand. She is in fact curious and playful, and her dreamy, sometimes distant and serious nature, won't let everyone see her childlike and unusually liberal side. It is her freedom that sets her apart, even when she pretends to be a part of the bigger picture and perfectly fit to find her place in typical social norms.

Pisces Woman With Children

With the sign of Cancer in her fifth house, this is a woman who is tender and familiar with children, usually just as much as her parents were with her. She knows how to listen, understand, and feel compassion for everything her child is going through, but she is sometimes too sensitive to be the strong, confident lap of support. When her protective nature switches on, she could have trouble separating right for wrong, for there really isn't anything she isn't willing to do for those little people she loves so much. There won't be much difference in her approach when she adopts a child, nor when she marries someone who already has children of their own.

Pisces Woman at Work

Her workplace is a place where she needs to shine a light on everyone she works with, and prove to be the right person for the job. If she doesn't find her true calling and realize where her actual personality wants to move, it can become quite difficult for her to remain at one job, settling for less than what she knows she is born to do. Her attitudes are strong and she isn't afraid to take the lead, but might have ego battles raging within, especially in contact with other women from her surroundings. She carries an unconscious need to be in the top group of people, ruling the situation and organizing things by herself.

Appearance of a Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman always stands for an ideal of something and the image she shows to the world is extreme in one way or the other. She will either be overweight but impressively charming, free from complex negative emotions on the subject, or thin and ready to add her picture on each social network available. Whatever the case, her hair will be important, colored and cared for, her teeth small but pearly. Pisces women are often short, flexible, and have trouble reaching their desired weight. It is hard to anticipate what she will look like for her masks are many, and even when she doesn't wear makeup, she will camouflage with a suitable outfit, color of her hair, lipstick, or the scent of her perfume.

Pisces Woman With Money

This is a woman ready to fight for financial security, relying mostly on instincts when it comes to handling money. This can be a good thing just as often as a bad one, for there is no saying if she will plan her future and take responsibility in the material world to set herself free from possible risks and debt. She will jump into new financial ventures quickly and without much thinking, only to discover that her existential fears might have pushed her over the edge and into something she wasn't prepared to deal with. She is always in a battle for finances, even when she has just enough for any reachable destination she wants to visit. Money in lives of Pisces representatives falls into the unconscious level of fears and existential matters. She will often bend under pressure and give money the importance her ideals don't support.

Convictions of a Pisces Woman

This woman believes in the power of nature and a typical “What goes around comes around” logic. She has no intent of letting anyone go with any wrongdoing, but she looks like she is doing so with extreme ease, simply because she is deeply aware that they won't get very far. She believes in change, healing, and regeneration, and isn't ever ready to give up on her ideas of transitional relationships in life. Aware that there is such a thing as emotional unity and a connection of two people that complete each other fully, she will search for love in all the strangest places, showing how convictions shape reality day after day through a powerful game of attracting what she needs.

Goals of a Pisces Woman

This is a woman who has mastered the art of being hurt by her own best intentions. Her goals are always set high up, in the sky, in her religion or her deepest set of beliefs. She might not speak the language of gods and never heard Jesus Christ talking in her sleep, but she will be guided by the ideal she wishes to accomplish, by faith, and by her most honest vision of life. Every Pisces woman has a career that forces her to learn and grow, day in and day out. She will search for a place where education is provided or needed, and find a career path that gives her enough free time and money to travel the world and change perspective whenever she needs to.

Pisces Woman In Friendship

The unstable nature of a Pisces woman is interestingly stable in the field of friendships, but only when her deep emotional world is touched. They will mostly grow on her ability to see and anticipate other people's needs, when she isn't falling apart due to too much compassion. She knows what is truly important for people she loves, but could be disappointed too many times. If she idealizes the person standing in front of her, she will have trouble forgiving even the smallest of mistakes they make due to their human nature. This woman should always keep in mind that people are human, faulty, every one of us created with a glitch that needs to be healed. Once she embraces weaknesses in herself and others, her relationships will find a way to last her a lifetime, putting a smile on her face.

Dreams of a Pisces Woman

This is a woman who dreams of liberation, higher consciousness and being free from influences of other people. She would love to be intellectually dominant and at the same time detached enough to understand situations without emotional interfering. Her friendships are her dreamland and if she is honest with herself about her own responsibility, she will find a way to heal her inner opposition and resolve battles she carries within. While her slow, flowing sensitive nature often pulls her apart, throwing her shore to shore, she will dream of a way to make this work to her benefit. Surprises, excitement, and freedom are her deepest inner need and without them, there is little she will wish to hold on to.