The Pisces Man

Exploring The Pisces Man

Pisces Man's Thoughts

This is a man with a gentle mind, someone always thinking about loving and tender emotions, but also very worried about the material side to the world around him. On one hand, he loves the feel of all soft things he can touch, and on the other, he is truly concerned that he won't find a way to function as a loved and supported individual. He will think about other people, often comparing their fate to his own, and this always turns out to be futile, distancing him from his growth and the field of true possibilities. Depending on the state of his emotional world, his mind can sometimes be filled with something as simple as food, creating cravings and pushing him towards all sorts of oral addictions just to fill the hole he has in his heart.

Pisces Man In Marriage

Being such a dreamer when you get the know him, a Pisces man is surprisingly rational once he discovers the useful nature of married life. His plans will suddenly become grounded and he will search for a partner to understand his practical side too, leading him towards fulfillment in the material world. Once he finds someone to share physical existence with, his platonic goals and dreams will usually be gone, at least until he creates what he needs to in the real world. This is a serious man who is on a quest for perfection, but he doesn't always recognize his own critical nature, and searches for flaws in his partner one too many times.

Pisces Man In Bed

This is an area of life that shows what true togetherness is in the lives of Pisces representatives, especially men. Everything inside him that needs mirroring will surface here, and his sexual partners will either be cold and distant, or too needy. In general, his sex drive will blossom in married life. Different from many couples in our surroundings, this man will have the richest sex life when he becomes a husband. He won't show too much initiative and will choose to wait for the perfect moment, always willing to satisfy his partner and think about their needs instead of his own.

Intimate world of a Pisces Man

Strangely rational when you get to know him, this is a man full of surprises. There is a side to him that is truly hard to see, practical, reasonable, and extremely talkative. When he connects with another human being on an intimate level, he will also connect on an intellectual one, expecting inspiring communication to be the key to his heart. It is no coincidence that poetry and creative writing fall under the rule of his Sun sign, even though one might think that there is no sign more distant from matters of Mercury, leading it to its fall.

Pisces Man With Children

True tenderness and the sense of belonging come through family life as soon as he forms an emotional bond with his child. His sensitivity will serve as a tool for extreme compassion, and he will have a lot to share and give to every little being he created. Adopted children will be made family, and he will honestly sense them as his own, and the universal image of closeness will come through his relationship with any youngsters in his life. Loving emotions will be shared, together with everything he learned from his own upbringing, and this can be tricky with the image of a father so vague, distant, or strange. Everything he doesn't understand will come as a challenge here, but the stability and the solid relationships he creates with children on an emotional level will help him excel in parenting.

Pisces Man at Work

His workplace is the place where he wants to shine and show everything he was made to do in this lifetime. It is a part of his primal nature to serve other people, but he has real trouble with authority when he isn't employed for the right cause. His talents need to be put to good use and he has to truly feel like he is the best at what he does, or his ego will take a punch in his attempts to fit into any social norms. He needs to feel like he is in charge, in a healthy environment, and as creative as possible on an everyday basis. Fun has to be one of the main objectives at his job, or he might stay in a routine that doesn't make him happy for a long time, trying to prove that he knows what he is doing.

Appearance of a Pisces Man

It is quite obvious that a Pisces man is expected to have soft cheeks, a rounded nose, sometimes thin hair, and often looking as if he is a fairytale character of sorts. He is never ordinary, even when his appearance doesn't stand out as much as we would anticipate. His eyes are big and watery, and his body shape rounded up and wobbly, or in other extreme slim and flexible. If he nurtures the ideal of a muscular body, he will manage to create it, but more often than not he reflects the image of a soft and cuddly individual, always ready to enjoy physical life to the fullest.

Pisces Man With Money

This is a man who doesn't think about money much. He is instinctive and often burdened with existential fears, as if things weren't under his control to begin with and the material world is something to be fought for, even though he'd rather enjoy life instead. Chances are he will fight for more than he needs, only to spend everything instantly on things that won't make him feel good. The system of control and financial stability he builds in time need to be supportive of his ways, turning him to realism of the material world and helping him feel the confidence to fight for his self-worth and the approval of his talents.

Convictions of a Pisces Man

A Pisces man believes in change and a natural flow of life, and isn't burdened by ordinary issues that other people think about daily. His set of beliefs is always founded on solid and unavoidable karma and this gives him that recognizable sense of peace. His faith needs to go deep and be established without any dilemma in the core of his being. Only when he finds something powerful to hold on to will he feel as if he has any direction in life. Guidance is provided in his ninth house and the sign of Scorpio, and this man will be the one to follow strong magnetic pulls of fate that have a sole purpose to be lived through, shaping his stronger energetic state.

Goals of a Pisces Man

This is a man with an ideal of happiness and the direction towards it set high in his personal zenith. He wants to reach the point in which a smile on his face shows his force within, and his confidence is strong enough for him to follow his dreams. It is truly important for a Pisces man not to give up on his ideals, for they will define him through time, giving him the status he wished for from the beginning. His plans will always be big, grandiose, and somewhat unrealistic, making it even harder for him to see where he went wrong when disappointment kicks in. To be able to reach for his goals, this man needs to have strong focus and keep his feet firmly on the ground to be able to count his steps to the destination.

Pisces Man In Friendship

When faced with the pressure of social contacts, a Pisces man won't exactly be your typical social butterfly. He has trouble to be open to the world and prefers his long-term friends over those superficial daily contacts every time. With his barriers held up high, it is no wonder that most of his friendships date years back in childhood, when his fences weren't built that high up to begin with. Every social contact has a strong impact on his world, even though some might seem distant and vague. Highly compassionate and a bit lost himself, it won't be easy for him to show his real face to everyone.

Dreams of a Pisces Man

This man dreams of freedom much more than any other sign, for his dreamland is the only place to truly support his creative, talented, and fragile nature. He seeks ultimate unconditional love, and isn't always aware of his deep need to set free from norms of the society he was born into. He will ultimately break free, one way or the other, leaving little room for any of the people involved in his life to stay there for long if they don't support his ways. His idealistic dreamland is a place of equality, where every human is worth and respected the same, and where intellectual strength prevails over stupidity of those in charge of destruction.