Pisces And Sagittarius

Pisces Compatibility with Sagittarius

Pisces & Sagittarius Romance and Love Life

It is strange to see these partners rush through their emotional life, being on a rollercoaster of promises they both know that might never be met. Although they aren’t always aware of the unrealistic note to their bond, there is something giving them a heads up, reminding them what can be and what isn’t at all possible in their future. The ocean of emotions Pisces have to share can, to some point, be focused on a Sagittarius partner. Still the tender nature of their heart cannot fully grasp the fiery nature of this squaring sign, and it will usually set them far apart, creating the pool of silence between them.

Pisces & Sagittarius Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Sexuality of both Sagittarius and Pisces tends to be a bit immature, for both of these partners like to see the world through pink goggles - physical contact as well. While one of them passionately pursues matters of human touch, the other one firmly believes that touch isn’t at all necessary to feel the ideal of love between two people. If they turn to philosophy instead of activity, they will rarely move far from a platonic point that keeps them tied to the past. One of them has to be the rational one and bring things to the level of the body, or they might never discover what their sex life might have been if they got together.

Pisces & Sagittarius Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Sharing a strange dismissal of Mercury, these signs understand each other, no matter if they rarely talk, or talk too much about irrelevant issues. They wish to feel as if they have a lot to learn, being on a mission of a lifetime that brings them close together, and when they find a shared cause, there is nothing stopping them as they reach for it. However, misunderstandings and strange expectations are a given with a couple so far from practical issues and reality. They have to pay attention and get to know each other truly well so they don't give in to unreasonable expectations from each other and their bond.

Pisces & Sagittarius Strengths and Weaknesses

Positivity and optimism these signs share can lead them to similar beliefs and goals in life. This will give them an important focus point they can use for their personal chases, and while both of them might feel that they won’t fully meet each other’s expectations, their strong moral convictions and faith can keep them together for ages. Unfortunately, none of these partners is ready to turn to tiring details and routine, and they could affect each other quite poorly, giving a lot of support for self-destructive behavior describing it as perfectly normal in their minds.

Pisces & Sagittarius General Compatibility

It is wide spread knowledge that a Sagittarius doesn’t go well with Pisces, but they are both traditionally ruled by Jupiter and Neptune seems to give just the right dose of magic to their bond. If they build trust, talking to each other about every single thing that happens along the way, their healthy routine will have a chance to be maintained, but only if they are both truly satisfied with this dynamics.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman - This is a man who will seem intriguing to a Sagittarius woman, but rarely spark those deep emotions she is on the chase for. While he might be everything she needs, chances are she will keep the relationship on a rational plane for too long for his ego to recover. If distances are overcome and they get together, they should always follow a similar cause in order to keep their relationship going.

Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man - This is a man who often doesn’t have enough patience to reach for the inner world of a Pisces woman. These partners will never miss to feel the magic but might miss each other as they both turn to their fantasy worlds, imagining what their relationship should be like instead of talking about it.