Pisces And Pisces

Pisces Compatibility with Pisces

Pisces & Pisces Romance and Love Life

Pisces is a sign of the exaltation of Venus and represents the end of all ends where love strives to be. It is clear that two Pisces representatives in love stand for the imagery of love itself, in their perfect manifestation that is found so rarely. In real life, this is a sign of sleeping and all unconscious processes we carry within, and when these partners meet, their only chance of the perfect love is in clarity of their personal emotional worlds and their ability to stay awake. If they are truly happy, their lives fulfilled and their hearts joyful, there is a great chance they will find a way to make their relationship real and manage to hold on to it for a long time.

Pisces & Pisces Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

The weakest link in each relationship of two Pisces is their physical contact, not because there is something wrong with it, but because they easily drift into the world completely void of it. In so many cases we will see two Pisces representatives in love, even crazy about each other, but keeping their relationship on a platonic plane, without any intention of showing the initiative to actually get together. When they do, this can be a truly incredible bond, allowing them a much needed sexual expression without any limitations or boundaries, founded in vast love they have for each other.

Pisces & Pisces Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

There is a lot of non-verbal communication between two Pisces partners, making them feel confident that everything they had to say was already well understood. This could lead to many misunderstandings, for their expectations are rarely as realistic as they think they are. Being the sign of Mercury’s fall, these partners have to overcome an obvious lack of practicality and words in their contact, and should create time for argumentative communication and brainstorming. If they commit to truly meeting each other, they will discover that they actually agree on so many things and create enough room for silence filled with actual understanding.

Pisces & Pisces Strengths and Weaknesses

The natural strength of each individual Pisces, and especially a couple of them with their hearts combined, is their faith in the human kind. They believe in magic, unicorns, miracles, and make each other see that each of their dreams is valid and reachable or it wouldn’t be there in the first place. Unfortunately, reality has to kick in and disturb their magical, sparkling midnight waters, and their greatest weakness will be the loss of touch with reality. As they wander off into their shared dream world, they could come to find that it is easier to stay there, lost and far away from aggression and pressure felt on planet Earth.

Pisces & Pisces General Compatibility

Since Pisces is the sign of the exaltation of Venus, it is clear that these partners understand relationships and the balance of love much better than the rest of zodiac signs. They will feel as if they met only to fly together, filling up each other’s hearts and systems of belief with the power of love. Still, this might not be the best combination of Sun signs, for both of these partners are somewhat lost and in search for someone who will make them feel found. If they only travel far with one another, they might never find the feeling of belonging and home that they were born to seek in this lifetime.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman - He will appreciate her beauty, seeing her for who she really is, or at least both of them will think he does. She will recognize him to be tender and careful not to hurt her feelings, or whatever she might need at the time. Their sensitivity will combine well but also multiply when together, and the rest of the world could start seeming rough and distant for as long as they are tied in their loving bond.