Pisces And Libra

Pisces Compatibility with Libra

Pisces & Libra Romance and Love Life

Love born between a Libra and a Pisces partner always has a tendency to remain in the world of platonic pleasure they both dream about, but one that rarely comes to life. These partners seem to enjoy the ideal of love much more than actual attempts to find it, and when they connect through emotion, it is often just a signal they need inspiration, not so much a real opportunity to make love happen. When they find each other through physical realities too, there is a lot of tenderness shown in their emotional contact, but changeable nature of Pisces might lose interest quickly with no one to fight for it every day.

Pisces & Libra Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Depending on the level of commitment to love these partners are ready to make in the material world, this can be a deeply satisfying sexual relationship. While one of them provides them with the ideal of emotion, tenderness and creativity, the other will be the one to keep their contact going, turn emotions to words, and make plans for the future as their physical bond brings them closer. Still, we have to keep in mind that they rarely even get to this point, both of them preoccupied with emotion, overthinking, caution, and often fear, avoiding initiative and playing the game of seduction until it simply wears off.

Pisces & Libra Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

This is the perfect couple for shared artistic expression and their communication usually enriches their worlds of music, books, and any form of art they enjoy. Although they might not share the same sensibility and have different tastes in all of the above, they will both find it interesting to have a different perspective to discuss and observe for a while. None of them is prone to jump into conflict on impulse and if they connect through emotion, they could enjoy their intellectual bond too, for as long as there is enough respect and admiration in them for each other’s ways.

Pisces & Libra Strengths and Weaknesses

The incredible power of this couple lies in their relation to Venus, and their ability to build it up, step by step, even from ground zero when they meet in a bad state of hearts. Very often these partners meet at a time when they have been disappointed, heartbroken, or in some way robbed of their self-worth, only to make each other believe in love, and themselves, again. The biggest weakness of their bond hides in their passive observation of love and their overly employed minds that make a fuss out of each word, act, and deed, instead of letting them connect through the physical realm.

Pisces & Libra General Compatibility

Once Libra and Pisces come together in a loving relationship, they will sink into it, deeply absorbing everything their partner has to offer. This won’t happen very often though, either because attraction between them isn’t strong enough to begin with, or because they are both preoccupied with their minds instead of making the first move. Inconsistencies and lack of trust might come as soon as they start dating, usually unfounded and based on their fears rather than behaviors. In order to stay together they have to keep magic between them going, ready to give into a shared routine filled with belief in one another.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman - This is a woman much more grounded than the element of Air might make you think, and floating Pisces will only remind her of this fact. She expects a man to sweep her off her feet and take charge to win her heart, and he is in search for someone to see him behind his fences with clarity, leaving them on different pages too often.

Pisces Woman and Libra Man - To a Libra man, this woman will look like a mythical creature he has always been searching for. This doesn’t mean he will fall in love though, especially if she fades through her personal missions and quests that exclude him from her life. Persistence is necessary in order for both partners to stay interested, and more often than not, none of them wishes to go through that much trouble over a potentially failed relationship.