Pisces And Leo

Pisces Compatibility with Leo

Pisces & Leo Romance and Love Life

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is fallen in the sign of Leo, and this isn’t something easily mended by individuals born in these signs. Since this is a planet of delusion and magic, deceit and ultimate faith, image these partners have of each other will be blurrier than they are used to, and their emotions often undefined at first. This relationship takes time and needs a lot of time and attention of both partners to show its real colors. When it does, they could find that enough trust opens the doors towards ultimate creativity manifested through Leo, inspired by the talent and magic of Pisces.

Pisces & Leo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Matters of attraction aren’t really clear with Pisces, and although they often have a certain “type” of partner they repeat their mistakes with, they sense each person in their life with their whole being. Sensual and in search for their fairytale, Pisces won’t get truly physically intimate with someone who doesn’t make them feel safe. As soon as Leo shows any sort of aggression or starts implying that certain behavior is understood, their partner could retreat to their own little world and close up for any sexual contact. If they wish to have a healthy sex life, these partners have to be truly proud and joyful for finding each other, enriched with enough devotion for both of them to know that nothing can come between them.

Pisces & Leo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

It isn’t Leo’s first impulse to understand the irrational nature of their Pisces partner. Their bond is usually meant to give support and teach them something about their emotional, creative levels, rather than mental ones. Conversations between them could mess with Leo’s mind for they like things as clear as day, and Pisces like them on a foggy night. It is impossible for these two to find a shared language if they don’t meet somewhere in the middle, in a place where Leo embraces magic and Pisces finds their center.

Pisces & Leo Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of this couple is always hidden in one of their shared talents. They will never meet and start a romance without a higher cause and a higher meaning to lead the way. Although many conflicts might arise, these partners have a power to work on something that needs to be shared with the world. On the downside, too much wandering is often included in this equation and this isn’t something a Leo will accept for very long.

Pisces & Leo General Compatibility

Leo’s clear approach, a look in the eye, and an obviously honest choice of words has the ability to shake the world of Pisces, used to living on their cloud, seeing the world through pink goggles. These partners give each other hope that there is honesty and magic in this world, but often fail to see each other for who they are. Good communication can make them shine, but only if they are both willing to open up and share everything that goes on in their minds, lives, and other relationships they nurture.

Pisces Man and Leo Woman - A bit too aggressive for his taste, a Leo woman could be too shiny, expensively dressed, showing too much of her shiny personality for the bubbly taste of a Pisces man. Feelings of loneliness and inability to communicate have to be overcome in this bind, with both partners finding a way to share the real, stone cold truth.

Pisces Woman and Leo Man - This is a man mesmerized by a Pisces woman, smitten to the point in which he loses himself only so she can help him find the pieces. She will recognize his strength of character and his inner beauty, but could seem unclear about her intentions, making this partner impatient and edgy. Her feelings are sacred and her sensitivity extreme, and he needs to find a way to cherish her just as emotional as she is, aware that her feelings are her strengths and not her weaknesses.