Pisces And Gemini

Pisces Compatibility with Gemini

Pisces & Gemini Romance and Love Life

The sign of Pisces exalts Venus, the goddess of love in the zodiac. The sign of Gemini is human and turned to practical, mental issues, often unaware of feelings and satisfaction they are in search for. Resistance between them will show as soon as a Gemini partner sees the person standing in front of them as someone unaware of what seems to be an obvious reality. If they are to stay together and understand each other’s emotional roles, they will have to embrace the power of feelings and words equally and give unconditional respect to one another.

Pisces & Gemini Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

These partners approach sex life as if they were entirely set apart from reality. While one of them idealizes it senseless, the other will rationalize and make things a lot more complicated than they actually are. If they are attracted to each other, they should catch a wave ready to carry them instead of waiting for the perfect time to act. Spontaneity will be their best friend and physical contact will be deeply satisfying if they let go.

Pisces & Gemini Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

With Pisces being the sign of Mercury’s fall and Gemini standing for communication itself, a problem between these partners is mostly set on an intellectual plane. The most important thing for their bond is to not see each other as stupid, but try to find the point of understand that keeps us all equal. Silence is necessary for Pisces to regenerate and every Gemini will have trouble accepting their partner’s need for solitude.

Pisces & Gemini Strengths and Weaknesses

The greatest strength of this relationship is in its logical, and yet creative side, always seen through talents they love to show. Once they discover the golden mine, they will turn to material gain and enjoy the beauty of the fact that they are both free to do what they love to do. Their weakness is always a lack of faith and optimism, and they could sink into negative conversations that none of them wishes to have. The only way they will evolve past a certain point, is for them to see each other as fragile and scared as they are.

Pisces & Gemini General Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs, which means they are both ready to willingly forgive and forget things fast enough to make their relationship last. Knowing this, they could get too cozy and relax a bit too much, both of them leading private lives hidden from their partner. Adultery is a serious threat to this relationship, not because any of these partners is unfaithful by nature, but because they have so much to discuss with other people, with their intellectual bond this challenging. The true goal here is for Gemini to find faith in love, true and deep, and for Pisces to discover actual joys of living here, on planet Earth, instead of floating around all the time.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman - This man can be quite charming when he puts his mind into every word he chooses to say. She will see him as idealistic and inspiring, but the image won’t last very long, especially if they are truly close, working together, or seeing each other daily as close neighbors. Their bond is bound to be short, and the only thing that can give them permanence lies in their active and strong decision making processes that make them feel powerful and truly dedicated to one another and their shared goals.

Pisces Woman and Gemini Man - She may seem like a distant deity to this man, a goddess blurred by the fog she moves in. Their relationship will start with a lot of talk, the kind that Pisces woman is not used to, this making them feel close enough to start something incredible. Idealization will easily take place in someone as flexible as Gemini, and no matter the level of contact they accomplish, it is to be expected that their worlds will hardly ever be brought to the material plane.