Pisces And Cancer

Pisces Compatibility with Cancer

Pisces & Cancer Romance and Love Life

Although “surprise” is not the first word that comes to mind when we think about these two partners in a relationship, this is exactly what they can expect from each other in the long run. As two highly emotional beings, they are used to having their boundaries shaken and their worlds stirred by negative feelings of other people. This is why their bond will feel liberating and they realize through time that they didn’t make each other feel used or abused in any way. Although this is not a rule and people connect on various levels, with enough trust between them this is a couple that builds true sensitivity for each other’s emotions.

Pisces & Cancer Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

To follow on their emotional bond, the sex life of this couple can be truly satisfying. Since they feel where their boundaries lie, both of them could be prepared to experiment with things they would never consider with a different partner. Still, these individuals could disconnect, with their physical contact becoming difficult, if Pisces lose touch with reality and turn to their vast world of imagination. This makes them both susceptible to all sorts of imaginary or very real deceits, and even though they connect well by heart, they could misinterpret their partner’s intentions from time to time.

Pisces & Cancer Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

The sign of Pisces isn’t talk friendly, even when their representatives talk a lot. It can get hard for them to open up if their heart closes because of the hurt they’ve had in previous relationships. Cancer, on the other hand, nurtures their deep faith in positive outcomes, especially in the realm of loving relationships they are about to create. They have the strength to relax their Pisces partner through meaningful conversations and a task to return their faith in the beauty of emotions when they are lost. In return, as Pisces partner remembers the magic they carry in their heart, they will bring it into the world of their Cancer through poetry, photography, music, or art of any kind.

Pisces & Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

It is clear that the strength of this couple lies in their emotional support and the respect they have for each other’s sensitivity. If they have both preserved their emotional states clear enough to recognize each other in true colors, there is nothing standing in their way leading towards a fairytale ending. Still, delusion is quite strong in the element of Water and they could end up giving each other roles that aren’t even theirs, Cancer projecting images from their family, and Pisces simply reflecting on this, assigning their partner with any character that comes to mind.

Pisces & Cancer General Compatibility

This is a couple with a strong potential for intimacy, emotional and physical, but these partners sometimes drift off into different worlds guided by faith. Depending on the purpose of their relationship, they could build a solid bond that lasts a lifetime, or disperse until there is nothing left but a faded emotion connecting their pasts. In general, they will create an inspiring and important bond, and leave a mark on each other’s hearts.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman - It is her task to give this man love, stability and a sense of belonging, exalting the traditional ruler of Pisces – Jupiter. She is supposed to teach him that home is where the heart is, and in return, he needs to show her how much she is valued through constant displays of affection, romance, and tenderness.

Pisces Woman and Cancer Man - This is a man who has a lot of understanding for this woman’s changeable nature, and sees her as exciting and liberating for his practical character and somewhat boring circumstances in life. She will always come to inspire, as his muse in search for shelter and protection from the outer world. The risk here lies in their tendency to see each other as what they wish they were instead of what they truly are.