Pisces And Aquarius

Pisces Compatibility with Aquarius

Pisces & Aquarius Romance and Love Life

Belonging to elements of Air and Water, these partners have very different views on romance and love. Aquarius will want their love life full of excitement, feeling free to express, expand and explore the outer world with someone who is ready to take risks. On the other hand, Pisces will also wish to have someone to excite them, but on a more fluid level, emotionally available, present, and ready to hold their hand and share intimate, private moments with. They have to do both willingly, or one of them will simply push this couple where they aren’t ready to go, and the other pull back into their solitude trying to find protection.

Pisces & Aquarius Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

These signs are considered similarly strange when it comes to sexuality and physical experiences, both being distant from reality and turned to “weird” experiences and preferences. This will bring enough understanding into their bond, but also keep them away from physical contact and the sense of touch in certain cases. When they connect on an emotional level, sexual one often remains in the field of platonic dreaming, their spontaneity being mixed with potential fear of initiative and new risks. It is important for them to materialize their bond or they might idealize each other to the point in which they distance each other from solid and touchable emotional experiences in their lives.

Pisces & Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

This is a couple that shouldn’t have much trouble communicating, accepting each other pretty well despite their differences. They will always have something to talk about and agree on, seeing the world from a higher perspective. Main problems they have when communicating are found in their pace and openness, for they both wish to open up but still live in their own little worlds, feeling incompetent to fit into the big world that surrounds them. They have to help each other relax and approach their contact with respect and devotion to make it truly satisfying.

Pisces & Aquarius Strengths and Weaknesses

The true strength of a couple such as this one is in the fairytale world they can create together. Connecting on levels unreachable for those in closer connection to planet Earth, they open each other up for incredible experiences and magic of love, romance, and life itself. Unfortunately this is also the main reason they separate from one another and from physical reality, and can’t stay in a balanced state for long enough to create something constructive and true unless they both find individual strong grounding.

Pisces & Aquarius General Compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces live in very different worlds that rarely coincide. They usually choose partners who help them find grounding and focus, and when they find each other, it is usually a signal that they have strayed too far from their primal natures and need to detach from Earth for a little while. This can make their love magical and incredibly inspiring, but also unreachable, out of focus or platonic. In order to stay together they need to find individual focus, strength of will, and truly discover what they want in other areas of life.

Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman - She is too fast to recognize his efforts to court her and doesn’t often react as positively as other women might to his charms. As much as this can be frustrating, it is also something that attracts him the most, especially when he sees her as independent, capable, and feminine as she can be when in touch with her nurturing feminine role.

Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man - This is a man convinced he perceives everything from his surroundings, but he is often unaware of many people that can be found there. Seeing the forest instead of one tree, he could miss the image of a strongly guided Pisces woman moving towards her own cause and in search for happiness. She will notice him and probably react shyly, covering herself with information, acting, or makeup just to find protection from his strong energy.