The Libra Woman

Exploring The Libra Woman

Libra Woman's Thoughts

A Libra woman might have some trouble with her self-awareness and ego, but her thoughts are extremely optimistic, rich, and always pulling her forwards. She will have many ideas that enrich lives of those around her, and for as long as she doesn't impose her opinions on close people, she can be an inspiring speaker and philosopher in her social circles. Moral imperatives will be on her mind often, as well as the need to widen her horizons, learn new things, get educated, or travel. She feels a strong responsibility to always be just and this is where her train of thoughts always leads, until she finds the right point of balance and discovers what her personal truth is.

Libra Woman In Marriage

Sexuality plays a big part of this woman's married life, and although we might consider her to be far from the idea of instinctive bonding, she has the sign of Aries in her seventh house, standing for strong sexual attraction and passion. It is typical for her to attract partners to show her inner energetic state, anger issues, and face her with fears she doesn't want to deal with. Each relationship she forms, especially a legal one, has a task to teach her how independent she can be. Her partners will either be extremely needy until they push her away, or confident and strong on their own, having little understanding for her own clingy nature. As she builds a healthy self-image through marriage, she has a chance to shine for her own achievements, apart from anyone holding her hand.

Libra Woman In Bed

Sexuality of a Libra woman is truly something important, sensual, but also the source of life and her purpose as a woman. If she embraces her tender side and finds a way to create an intimate bond with a partner, instead of trying to be the sex goddess that satisfies their every need, she is about to discover that this is where true love is found in her world. She finds intimacy through physical contact and becomes extremely gentle and vulnerable when she opens up. Although her act might show her as extremely open, she is in fact shy and different from the rest of the world, seeing her sex life as the field of emotional giving and much deeper pleasure than that of the instinctive, physical world.

Intimate world of a Libra Woman

There is some difficulty in the sensitive emotional world of a Libra woman, as well as depth and devotion to the point of sacrifice. She is too responsible to find a way to be gentle with herself, and this can truly distance her from happiness and time meant to smile and have fun. This is a woman who sees herself deepest emotions as difficult, in a way wrong, and even when she has a high sense of value, her energy tends to be low and make her question everything she does. Her intimate world is not at all easy and light, and asks for hard work and dedication to cleanse and for her to share it with people she loves.

Libra Woman With Children

She is quite friendly and liberal when it comes to her approach to children. These little buddies seem to be set on a higher step of personal evolution and her main objective will be to give them enough freedom in life, while at the same time trying to guide them with a firm hand. She understands the individuality of each young person in front of her, seeing them all as equal and adult at heart. In the role of a parent, she is usually well-accepted, but the image she shows to the world could be a bit different from the intimate bonds she creates at home. It is important for her to sometimes let go of structure for long enough to give enough heart and emotion to every offspring.

Libra Woman at Work

In a way, this woman is confused, and her typical sense of organization seems to fade when she is faced with daily responsibilities and things that have to get done. She doesn't feel so good working for other people, and yet her fallen Sun rarely gives her the courage to instantly start her own business. When she falls into the pull of everyday matters that take care of her existential issues, she can stay in a job that doesn't make her satisfied for a long time. Holding on to the sense of security won't make her happy, and her mind needs strong stimulation in order to stay inspired and creative at her workplace. She needs a mission, a true cause, and something she feels to be her guiding light. As soon as the sense of purpose is lost in her work, she will change it with ease, as if she never had any dilemma to stay there at all.

Appearance of a Libra Woman

This woman is well-built, strong and yet tender, in perfect balance of the upper and lower body parts. The most intense word you will have in mind when you see her is “moderate” for this describes everything she tries to show. This is a woman in a lawyer suit, with a thin waste and strong legs, or the skinny one in colorful tones when her Venus is strong, interested in fashion and wearing high stiletto heels. She finds great satisfaction in the image she sends to the world, and could spend a lot of time caring for her skin, nails and hair. Her makeup is moderate but always there, and her perfume just sweet enough, with a calming note of dignity.

Libra Woman With Money

This is a woman capable to earn and become independent at a young age, but she sees it as perfectly normal to rely on other people's resources too, no matter if it is her husband or a bank she has an account with. She always seems to feel indebted in some way, and her sense of personal value is shaken and impossible to predict. This is an area of life she has to work on, even when she builds a strong image of a career woman who earns a lot. The important thing for her is to let go of any possible existential fears and realize that she has to be independent of other people's earnings to truly feel liberated and happy. As in all things in life, a Libra woman has to discover the sweet side of having herself as her greatest financial benefactor.

Convictions of a Libra Woman

This woman lives on the planet of rational beliefs, convinced that there is something human in each and every one of us. She finds expansion in practical matters, ideas, and the field where her mind takes over. Deepest of her beliefs are found in spoken and written word, and each small thing learned will inspire her to move on to the next one. A Libra woman is always on the search for rational explanations that will inspire her and make her feel free to express and speak her mind. She believes in children and the youth of the world, prepared to give into the lead of someone less experienced if she recognizes intellectual dominance and power.

Goals of a Libra Woman

The main goal she is trying to reach is the goal of intimacy. She seeks inner peace and the feeling of belonging, home, and pleasure with her everyday routine. This will make her a bit more static that other Air signs, and make her decisions a bit harder too, for her plan is usually to feel homey rather than successful and strong. Still, her primal nature will pull her towards status and ways to improve her position in the society, taking away her sense of peace and evoking matters that challenge her to begin with. It seems like her nature has to seek balance not only with other people, but also within, between all areas of life, especially emotional and rational ones.

Libra Woman In Friendship

A friend of a Libra woman will be put in the center of attention, feeling powerful, influential and strong, but only for as long as she doesn't start feeling in any way threatened. Her need for dominance shows in the field of friendships and she could surround herself with people she thinks are inferior in a way, in order to feel like the “better person.” It is extremely important for her to avoid compromise and believe in equality, so she doesn't take away anyone's dignity and energy, including her own. For as long as she doesn't compare herself to those around her, she will have a chance to grow, and her social life becomes a platform for her personal successes.

Dreams of a Libra Woman

This woman dreams of fixing everything in her life until she reaches the point of perfection. In a way, one of her dreams seems to be the state of less emotion and more reason, but the truth is she really needs to embrace her emotions in order for her true intelligence to kick in. She dreams of a higher awareness, a strong connection to her body and the physical world, and of being the one to reach the point of clarity through modesty and hard work. There is a challenge of personal value in her dreamland, for if she lacks it, she might come to find herself being a martyr and someone to serve others while never reaching her own satisfaction.