The Libra Man

Exploring The Libra Man

Libra Man's Thoughts

This is a man with a highly philosophical mind, filled with ideas and beliefs that give him a wise perspective. As indecisive as he can be, you would expect him to obsess about issues he can't decide on, but this is very rarely the case. Usually, he will simply think about an overall direction that needs to be taken, the state of his moral code in any situation at hand, and ways to have enough faith in his choices in the future. He finds life much easier if he speaks with focus on future endeavors filled with optimism, thinking about ways to improve life in the future for him and his loved ones. He needs a vision, a way to easily change perspectives, and he will spend a lifetime learning how to think and create convictions that lead him to his goals and desires.

Libra Man In Marriage

A Libra man has the sign of Aries as his opposing sign, and he often chooses a strangely dominant person to be his partner. He needs someone to inspire him to change, take initiative, and move with his instincts with a little more ease. He will quickly jump into married life, as this seems to be his strongest gravity pull being a Libra to begin with, but it won't be easy to hold on to healthy boundaries in any relationship he has. If he doesn't find a way to join constructive conflict, he could turn to passive aggression easily, leading to strongly frustrating experiences of married life his partner does not wish to support. If his need for harmony overtakes his attempts to fight for justice and the truth, chances are he'll have to face the consequences of disappointing his loved one.

Libra Man In Bed

This man is one of the tenderest lovers of the zodiac. He understands physical pleasure and satisfying his partner better than any other sign, but only if he isn't afraid of emotion that hides behind true intimacy. Once he creates a solid bond with his partner, he becomes devoted to giving them pleasure, truly enjoying himself while doing so. This is a lover who wants to see his partner relaxed and joyous, not only for his own satisfaction but for the build-up of his ego and his self-image. Our Don Juan among the signs, this man will learn about pleasure through life with ease, but only if he is ready to open up for sensual and deep emotions.

Intimate world of a Libra Man

In every interpretation of a chart of a Libra man we have to observe his Sun and anticipate an ego problem to begin with. However, his emotional world holds the root for these problems, as a safe zone of protection he never received when he was a child. Restricted and pointed in a direction that took away too much of his personality, this is a man who has a true battle in his most intimate world, and sees his family as the source of his problems more often than not. Those lucky Libra men who have chosen a smiling, supportive family will still have trouble recreating an intimate bond they had when they were little, failing to find enough understanding in the outer world.

Libra Man With Children

He is different than other parents, very open for suggestions and new ideas on ways children should be raised, but at the same time under a lot of stress and afraid that he might not be the best possible role model. Full of surprises, he will research and implement new knowledge every day. Seeing his little ones as his crew and his friends, he could have trouble setting clear boundaries as they grow up. Freedom asks for a strong foundation, and it is imperative for him to build it with them, and create roots of justice and order for them to grow on. He understands the need to nurture every child's individuality and freedom of thought, seeing all kids as equally special. Still, he will probably not be the one to teach them how to find their centered source of inner power and confidence.

Libra Man at Work

There is always something confusing in business choices of a Libra man. He isn't sure if he should work for someone or become his own boss, and lacks clarity to search for the right answers to make final decisions fast. His life can be filled with professional disappointments and strange career choices, followed by his loss of faith in his abilities even when there is no real reason to lose it. With his strong mind and his ability to spot the challenge that needs to be overcome, his only true need in this lifetime is to find enough bravery to jump into something new, exciting and adventurous.

Appearance of a Libra Man

This is a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. His tact and upbringing usually shine a light on his best masculine qualities, and he will be one of those men able to match colors to perfection, always smelling good and wearing his outfit proudly. No matter his personal style, you will see him put an effort to have everything in a perfect balance. He looks calm and distant, has a certain glow in his eyes, and a fine smile with incredible charm hidden inside it. His hands are long but his overall body image is balanced, as if his outer state reflects the state he wants to obtain within. His hair is thin but rarely missing, and old age usually does his appearance good. A boyish charm he might not even be aware of at a young age tends to blossom as he grows older, making him even more attractive than he was when he was young.

Libra Man With Money

We could presume that Libra representatives, being ruled by Venus, have a way with money just as a Taurus would. Unfortunately, they have a strangely detached relationship with all material issues, and this man will often get indebted, unaware of his realistic possibilities and his true situation. There is something very attractive and powerful in money and he is aware that his life would change if he had enough of it, but rarely shows the ability to save and earn it through initiative and vigor. He will build a stronger financial basis only as he builds his career out of love for work and devotion to the cause, and never simply because of his chase for financial benefits.

Convictions of a Libra Man

This is a man who lives in a strong belief that everything in life is buried somewhere in our minds. He is certain that by affecting our thoughts and our brain, we have the ability to change circumstances, and that a rational approach is always the best one to commit to. He deals with a lot more mental practicality than we might think, and while everyday issues might not be his best friend, the sea of information is. He is a strong believer in the power of words and communication, and when his need to stand by his opinions is triggered, he will excessively talk until the point of understanding is reached.

Goals of a Libra Man

This is a man with the need to resolve his family patterns and issues that have lived in his blood, in circles, throughout generations that preceded him. In most cases, his partner will be the deepest reflection of his family matters, and there with a task to support him in his emotional growth. He will shoot high only to land a highly functional and loving intimate life, always in the search for true intimacy and closeness he might have failed to collect when he was a child. This is a man who will plan a family, build a feeling of home, only to reach the point of self-love that will liberate him from patterns he has been a part of for years.

Libra Man In Friendship

A Libra man isn't a man of many friendships and even if he has a large group of people surrounding him daily, he will keep his distance and have his own inner world safe and protected. The friends he remains true to are one of the most important things in his life, and he will let his world revolve around them if needed only to keep the relationship going. Self-respect is something he has to learn and absorb in order to build social contacts with essence and admiration. He is in search for oneness, opinionated people who will stand against him but still respect him, and if he doesn't manage to build an image of friendship based on absolute equality, he could simply turn to superficial social contacts without much regret.

Dreams of a Libra Man

He dreams of things being fixed, of his own practical sense, and ways to separate all that is going on in logical categories, able to approach it with a clear and rational mind. Desires held in his dreamland are not as magical as we might anticipate, and in fact he dreams of intellectual supremacy, practical sense, and the end of self-criticism that constantly seems to weigh him down. In the world of magic, he is on a mission to find grounding, be down-to-earth practical, healing and helping others, and being a rock of support for people he truly admires.