Libra Monthly Horoscope

Love, Career and Health Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Horoscope: MONTHLY Sep 2018 Change Sign

Love - There is more of a sense of separateness, and you will focus on the differences you have with your partner rather than the similarities. This need not be a negative phase; it can be very worthwhile, especially if you have become too reliant on your partner’s feedback or advice to the degree that you have lost your internal compass.

Career - Librans are highly dedicated to work right now, and you are setting up new routines and schedules. You can focus for long hours and can live with quite punishing workloads. This is a time where you are suited to in-depth research and analysis.

Health - Your moods this month are very unpredictable, and you can seem rather erratic – sudden desires and impulses spring from nowhere and totally take over. At times, you get flashes of insight about people which can alter your perception of them. This is a very psychic time when you are more aware of ESP and how we can tune into another wavelength to get information.