Libra And Scorpio

Libra Compatibility with Scorpio

Libra & Scorpio Romance and Love Life

These signs are traditionally ruled by Mars and Venus, but the color Pluto adds to the equation cannot be neglected or skipped in any way. When they fall in love, they will connect as Persephone, the beauty of the day, with the god of the underworld himself. It doesn’t really matter which partner takes which role, for the only fact is they won’t be able to resist temptations that lead them deep into dangerous emotions and destructive behavior. This is a relationship that will change them both forever, always speaking of deep, dark emotions that cannot be contained, forgotten, or explained. If they only embraced their own darkest desires, they could become everything they ever wished for together.

Libra & Scorpio Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Depending on the level of emotion they allow themselves to build and manage to keep under control, sex life of these partners can be incredibly rich and satisfying, but also guided by fear into absence of it or even aggression. This combination of signs brings out everything these partners try to push under the rug and each frustration surfaces as sexual repression that leads to conflict, emotional problems, or feelings of restrictions or inadequacy.

Libra & Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Libra is an Air sign and finds communication to be one of the most important things in each relationship, while Scorpio feels it is rarely necessary and only creates trouble. A gap between their approaches will distance them and make too much room for misunderstandings. Although there is no intellectually inferior sign in this combination, they could start seeing each other this way. They could take a lot of energy from one another, only to find that they were never able to find true understanding in the first place.

Libra & Scorpio Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of this couple hides in uncontrolled emotions, and those choices they are both ashamed of, or from which they were running from their entire lives. Once they decide to face them and share their findings with one another, they connect on a path where no one else has ever dared going and gather power that can fuel their lives for years. Unfortunately, too often fear lives in the core of this relationship, making them both weak to look within and bravely face their shadows. This will be impossible to overcome if they are not ready to truly commit and resolve problems they buried in their pasts.

Libra & Scorpio General Compatibility

The general feel of this couple isn’t at all light and easy. While emotions between them have a tendency to be incredibly strong, even magnetic, their personalities don’t go well with one another and they will often bump into misunderstandings they don’t know how to resolve. Still, there seems to be a strong sexual attraction keeping them together, and change waiting to happen from the moment their eyes meet, leading them towards incredible self-recognition.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman - Once these partners set eyes on each other, it becomes impossible for them to look away until their lessons are learned and well absorbed through personal growth and change. This is a relationship that teaches a man how to find his strength of will and decisiveness, and teaches a woman how valued and beautiful she has to feel to find the love she seeks. They will rarely stay together after their challenges are behind them and their weaknesses embraced, for in most cases they only make each other ready for the new phase in their lives.

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man - This is a woman fully aware that she is ready for change as soon as she finds her Scorpio partner. He will rarely talk much, and the mystery of the power he carries within makes her uncomfortable and wildly attracted. Sex life between these partners is rich and incredibly satisfying for both, and could keep them together for a very long time, even if their relationship is dysfunctional on all other levels.