Libra And Libra

Libra Compatibility with Libra

Libra & Libra Romance and Love Life

Involvement of two Libra representatives usually remains on a platonic level, both of these partners observing and respecting each other from a safe distance. There is rarely any fire and passion here, and while their emotions can be quite strong, initiative won’t come naturally. Ruled by Venus, they are both on a mission to bring love into the world and when they meet and fall in love, it is a time when their needs and roles are being questioned. They will refill each other’s batteries and often turn to other people afterwards, with nothing left to give to one another they cannot find within.

Libra & Libra Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Although two sensual Libras have a pretty good idea what their partner needs, energy, vigor, and tension seem to be missing from this contact. Depending on their individual charts, they could stay in a relationship that doesn’t lead to physical contact for a long time, only to discover that it is quite disappointing in the end. If they give each other enough mental stimuli, they have a chance to spark up the flame of sexual tension, and start playing the game of active reactions and passive actions that leads to emotional and physical closeness.

Libra & Libra Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

There is a fine intellectual understanding between two Libra representatives, and a respect that will be maintained for as long as their personal lives remain on a safe distance. As soon as they get closer or start working together, they might realize that the other person is too weak to lead the way. Since this feeling usually goes both ways and frustrates them both, it is often just a reflection of their own weaknesses that isn’t easy to contain when two fallen Suns come too close.

Libra & Libra Strengths and Weaknesses

Libra is a sign of all loving and intimate relationships, and speaks of everything that is easy on the eye, beautiful, and accepted by the public. This is a couple powered by positive opinions and even envy of their surroundings when they show their true shared beauty to the outer world. On the downside, opinions of other people could break them up in no time if they don’t have strong boundaries to the outer world, and it is always important for them to cherish and nurture their intimate world before socializing or doing anything in public.

Libra & Libra General Compatibility

Libra is a sign of tact and fine relationships, and these partners will have a civilized relationship at all times, both of them in that constant search for peace and harmony. However, their polarized bond that leans towards Venus isn’t exactly the most balanced of all, and they will usually need a push from the outside world to end up together in the first place. Taking the role of each other’s helper and supporter, they could take away too much of each other’s power in the process and endanger their own personalities guided by the best of intentions. The real challenge here is to stick to independence and strongly set personal and shared boundaries, with priorities set up straight and embraced by both partners without any compromises.

Libra Man and Libra Woman - With their Suns fallen, we have to anticipate that the archetypal role of this man is endangered in this contact, and this will affect the state of ego of both partners. Saturn exalts in this sign as the other male archetype in a conflict with the Sun throughout mythology and the zodiac, and this entire bond speaks of a battle between responsibility and creativity, tradition and happiness, pose and actual status. It won’t be easy for these partners to stay together for a long time, especially if they run away from conflict the way so many Libras normally do. A constructive conflict followed by passionate displays of affection does them good and keeps the relationships alive and going.