Libra And Gemini

Libra Compatibility with Gemini

Libra & Gemini Romance and Love Life

This is a couple filled with understanding for each other’s emotional needs. Libra will take the role of the glue that holds them together, for as long as their decision to stay involved is strong and powered by emotion. Gemini will bring excitement and always something new to talk about, change, or move, shaking things up in the world of reluctant Libra. Their views on romance are often different, but they move in the same pace and with enough attention, know how to satisfy each other’s unusual needs for love.

Libra & Gemini Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

There will be a lot of talk in this contact, and it is typical for a Gemini Libra couple to send text messages, have sexy phone calls, and show their physical affection in any possible way from afar. Sometimes, this can create a physical distance between them, and even affect their self-awareness and their personal relationships with their bodies. It is important to keep their physical bond truly physical, and not turn to the idea of sexuality that could drive them away from intimate contact, and take them apart.

Libra & Gemini Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

However filled with understanding and things to talk about, this is a couple that could have trouble with depth of words spoken. Gemini partner won’t be someone who wants to be persistent in discovering the depths of their mind, and although they are perfectly capable of a meaningful conversation, this isn’t something they will want to have all the time. If difficulty of Libra’s Sun prevails and they turn to depressing issues or topics that take away a lot of energy from both partners, Gemini won’t stick around for very long.

Libra & Gemini Strengths and Weaknesses

With everything from their inner worlds out in the open, this is a couple that can build strong trust through healthy communication. This isn’t typical for either one of these partners when they get together with other signs of the zodiac, and it can be the strongest thing keeping them together for a long time. On the downside, both of them are set far up in the element of Air, and could have trouble grounding their ideas, taking action instead of talking, and finding satisfaction in real physical contact.

Libra & Gemini General Compatibility

Guided by Mercury and Venus, these two partners think fast and act fast when they know what inspires them and makes them happy. They won’t have much trouble getting together if they don’t get stuck in a platonic mode, unable to create circumstances that could lead them to a romantic relationship. In general, they will be highly compatible for as long as they have enough fun together. Shared life and daily routine could quench the fire between them, if they don’t think ahead and communicate in advance about their individual roles and responsibilities that need to be taken care of.

Libra Man and Gemini Woman - A woman born with the Sun in Gemini looks for a man who is ready to give her a little more freedom than a Libra man might. This relationship will work only when both partners are given enough room and both ready to make the same choice about the direction they want their contact to develop in. Childish and charming, this is a woman that can melt the heart of this man after he’s been through heartbreak, and they will usually find each other in times like these.

Libra Woman and Gemini Man - This man will instantly recognize the sensuality to a Libra woman, but might fail to take her as seriously as she’d like to be taken. Their contact has to be light, carefree, and fun at first in order for her to fall for his charms and for him to feel safe enough to open up. This is a relationship mostly built on the initiative of masculine Gemini energy, and as such, it brings a lot of satisfaction to both of them in their typically active and passive roles.