Libra And Aries

Libra Compatibility with Aries

Libra & Aries Romance and Love Life

Love life of this couple is guaranteed to be exciting and often emotionally satisfying for both partners. They won’t lack feelings, attraction, or understanding for matters of the heart, although their opposition might turn them into adversaries and stir up inner anger issues or weakness of personality they don’t want to face. To hold on to intimacy and closeness, these two have to keep their passion in check and take an equal amount of responsibility for everything that happens in their relationship.

Libra & Aries Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Sexual attraction between them is truly obvious, for their contact forms through roles of Mars and Venus and speaks of sexuality itself. Too much passion could lead to certain problems and in some cases aggression of any of the two partners might show. While they will mostly balance each other out, Aries giving Libra the initiative they need and Libra giving Aries fineness and tenderness, if any one of them sinks into the pool of insecurity, incredibly strong emotions of resentment or fear could find their way to the surface.

Libra & Aries Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

The most obvious problem in a relationship between these two signs is seen through their communication. While Aries will like to be loud, open, straightforward, and clear about their intent and views on life, Libra will want them to lower their voice, calm down, and be more rational in their expression. If any sort of shame appears, and awareness of the outer world and other people interferes with their intimate bond, there will be nothing much left to talk about as disrespect becomes obvious and impossible to overcome.

Libra & Aries Strengths and Weaknesses

True strength of Aries and Libra lies in their ability to overcome challenges by a simple choice and decision. They will both hold on to one thing at a time, mostly turned to one another and aware of the importance of trust and dedication. However, this relationship leaves no room for disrespect of any kind, and while Aries will be tempted to impose their will on their passive partner, as much as Libra would like to change their Aries’ explosive nature, they both need to accept that no change will come unless they both decide to change within.

Libra & Aries General Compatibility

A relationship between these partners is often fast, intense, coming from nowhere only to end in flames. The element of surprise and excitement Libra partner needs will find its way through Aries, just as togetherness that an Aries yearns for has a way of showing its face through Libra. Their natures are different, but their cores pretty much the same. All matters of expression need to find a way to be accepted, and for as long as Libra shakes off the need to think about opinions of others and Aries gives enough attention to their partner, they have an opportunity to truly be the perfect couple of the zodiac.

Libra Man and Aries Woman - In many cases, this is a woman unprepared for a relationship with a man who has a fallen Sun. This might make her perceive her Libra partner as weak and unusually challenged, even if he is doing his best to satisfy her need for a strong man. The effect this kind of bond can have on self-esteem of both partners is vast, and to make things work they really need to dive deep and find unconditional respect for one another, seeing each other as powerful as they both are.

Libra Woman and Aries Man - This is an irresistible match of natural rules of Mars and Venus, which is why this couple looks so good to everyone around them. They could stay together for a lifetime, completing each other perfectly and being two opposing entities that role into one through pure attraction. However, it will be hard for them to keep their personal boundaries in check, and they need to find a way to accept each other for who they are, no matter how annoying their differences might seem.