The Leo Woman

Exploring The Leo Woman

Leo Woman's Thoughts

This woman might feel her priorities with every part of her being, but her thoughts truly pull her out of balance. Once she starts overthinking or trying to make the best out of a relationship that doesn't make her happy, she turns into an obsessive opinion chaser, unable to realize that the only person who can find happiness for her – is herself. If she falls into the mode of her insecurities, she will think about others, relying on them for her own wellbeing and happiness, and this will take away her dignity and natural self-respect. She has a tendency to strongly focus on her partner, especially if he falls into the category of a dominant, archetypal man. Once she turns her head towards his successes and starts nurturing his development, she will often neglect her own.

Leo Woman In Marriage

When a Leo woman gets married, her husband often takes over the role of her powerful Sun. Although she might not see much sense in getting married, she will sometimes do so just out of a need to have this day made for her, wear a wedding dress that reflects her inner light, or simply to be the one with flowers in her hair. Thinking of grandiose gestures, she secretly yearns for this ultimate declaration of love, while also feeling endangered by a bond that might take her light away from her. She is loyal, caring, and knows exactly what needs to be done for priorities in her relationship to be set. If she finds a partner with enough personal strength and individuality, they could balance each other out until an opportunity is created for both of them to shine.

Leo Woman In Bed

When it comes to sexuality, a Leo woman has some strange tendencies and usually shows them only when there is enough tender love and dedication seen through the relationship. She can be unusually liberal when choosing her partners, but could also hold on to the ideal of a one true love, convinced that she has no reason to ever look at any other place for physical satisfaction. She will need time and a lot of experimentation to discover her true sexuality and learn about her physical and emotional needs combined in it. Fighting for rational and clear opinions, she could have trouble expressing herself as emotional and fragile as she really is. This is why she needs a partner to truly sense her emotional states and be a lot gentler than her overall appearance might show to be needed.

Intimate world of a Leo Woman

She is a deeply emotional woman who needs to feel that one true love shiver moving down her spine at all times. She is inspired by fatalistic, black and white stories, and won't fear an unhappy ending if she feels like flying along the way. Her task in this lifetime seems to be to make a turn in her emotional world, separating from her family values and upbringing, only to find her true self. This is a challenging emotional task and anyone who comes into her world has to support her greatly in order for her to steer clear of self-destructive habits. She needs more love than any other sign of the zodiac, but also gives more light to those who love her, in return.

Leo Woman With Children

This is a woman who is convinced that the most important thing her children need to absorb growing up by her side is morality. She doesn't need obedience, quiet time, or even too much sleep, but truly loses energy if she finds her expectations being ruined by dishonesty. She has high hopes and provides every offspring with all the freedom and respect she can possibly collect within, always ready to give her children wings and prepare them for all things that might wait in the outer world. Her energetic and childish nature makes her an excellent parent, and she will happily jump into play, finding creative ways to teach, ready to learn through this incredible bond herself.

Leo Woman at Work

The sign of Leo has some trouble embracing the role of Saturn, and with it all of the difficulties, obstacles, and responsibilities at work. This woman will either be too modest for her own wellbeing, or having high aspirations, making career moves that only send her to the top, failing to see other people she might have stepped on along the way. She could either feel too much pressure to get things done in time, or feel resistance towards any type of work at all, feeling lost as if she will never find her true calling. It is truly important for her to get enough free time to be aware of her surroundings and get to know who she is. Rest helps her push that creative, powerful inner core out in the open.

Appearance of a Leo Woman

A Leo woman holds her head high, her shoulders bent forwards, and her chest and upper stomach being dominant in her approach to other people. Her hair is always the most important part of her look, either thick, wide, reminding us of a lion's mane, or short, effective, in sync with the masculine side of her character. She may choose one of two extremes as her image, either having her nails cut down, in natural color, avoiding makeup and any artificial approaches to beauty, or being completely the opposite, intensely painted, wearing a lot of golden jewelry, and happy to show just how much she can shine. Her body is always inviting in a way, her movements flexible but decisive, and the look in her eyes saying that she is able to do anything she sets out to do.

Leo Woman With Money

Being worried about finances, her nature will force her to always save something for a rainy day. As much as her male counterpart has the need to show his gallant side, she will usually show it much more in words than in actual deeds. Smart and capable, this woman knows where and how to invest, what to work on to get well-paid, but sometimes lacks self-worth and any awareness of her actual abilities when compared with the rest of her surroundings. Going into details, she has the ability to make a plan and stick to it if only her fears and emotions don't get intertwined with her financial choices. She tends to make her financial life as practical and easy as possible, ready to work hard to gain enough to meet her own needs.

Convictions of a Leo Woman

This woman has no dilemma of how straightforward and clear life is. She believes in the law of action rather than consequence, and sees opportunities that need to be taken with enough energy and initiative, without holding back. Her deepest inner force lies here, in the field of her convictions, and she has the ability to quite literally visualize things she can instantly create, but only if she finds the bravery needed. There is nothing stopping her from becoming the real source of warmth and light to everyone in her life, if she faces her fears and fights them with everything she's got.

Goals of a Leo Woman

A Leo woman is always in search for love, pleasure, inspiration, and self-worth. She will organize her time and think of plans that take her towards creation in the material world. This includes finances, motherhood, and any sort of reward that proves she is on the right path. She is aware that every plan has to be built on practical and reasonable thinking, and wishes to reach a state of mind that allows her to create them as such. Her main goal in life is to understand her feminine, sensual side, and no matter her appearance, the feel of inner qualities will speak of the actual level of self-awareness she has managed to build.

Leo Woman In Friendship

Easy to talk to, ready to move, and always in search for another social adventure, this is a woman able to get along with nearly anyone. For as long as her friendships remain in a friendship “zone” and don't intertwine with work, romance, or family ties, she will stay mellow, giving just enough freedom to those around her to develop in their own pace. She recognizes her role as being the one to inspire others to embrace their abilities, and this is exactly what she will do through healthy conversations and brainstorming. Her close friends will feel like siblings and she will be prepared to give them anything they need in order to grow.

Dreams of a Leo Woman

A Leo woman is strangely tied to her primal family and has a dream to separate from any sort of dependency from them, creating her own state of inner peace and belonging. It is one of her greatest desires to have her own home, her own family, and form her personal happiness through intimate bonds. She dreams of a tender place she can turn to for comfort, understanding and support, always there to blow wind in her sails and help her in her quests. Emotion will push her forwards and her land of desire is filled with love, closeness and devotion, often not easy to spot from her fiery expression.