The Leo Man

Exploring The Leo Man

Leo Man's Thoughts

This is a man whose mind is truly burdened by relationships. On one hand, he has the sign of Libra in his third house, and on the other, the sign of all oppositions opposing him. A lot of acceptance needs to be metabolized through his system and feelings of guilt and loneliness will easily kick in. Strangely, his way of thinking endangers his energetic state and his true personality, as if he had a task to give into the problems with other people, only to learn about his own shortcomings and flaws, as well as his true strengths and limitations. This man doesn't want to be alone and if he doesn't have a partner to share this life with, he becomes burdened by the idea of eternal solitude.

Leo Man In Marriage

Relationships, especially marriage, tend to be truly shaken, disturbing, and stressful for a Leo man. He puts much more energy into them than one might anticipate, and easily gets tired of doing so. This man will insist on a classy wedding, no matter if it is a service with a thousand guests or eloping in Vegas, and wishes to show his love to the rest of the world without holding back. He feels that his marriage is his own theater, a stage to show how capable he can be to give love to another human being. Unfortunately, his strength of will sometimes breaks the will of others and his marriages tend to break if disrespect or lack of emotion shows in any way.

Leo Man In Bed

A Leo man is a big dreamer, and this isn't something you see straight away. The look in his eyes speaks of confidence and dedication, but doesn't really show how emotional and warm he can be. His sex life needs to be guided by his heart or no satisfaction will come out of it. He could focus on the orgasm itself instead of giving into the pull of love, simply because of deeply rooted fears of bonding he carries within. He could easily give in to parallel relationships only to recognize the effects both of his partners have on his inner state of balance. If he holds on to the ability to speak with clarity and ease instead of turning to searches for satisfaction outside of his relationship, his sex life becomes a learning ground that allows both partners to grow and disperse into pure emotion.

Intimate world of a Leo Man

With such a strong personality comes a strong emotional basis that always pushes him to go further and further, crossing his limits and facing all fears. He is, by definition, the hero of the zodiac without much effort. Still, deep emotions and ties that weigh him down lie in his inner state and his heart. Although he will often show to be carefree and liberal in his romantic relationships, sharing a home with this man can be difficult, for he tends to be possessive while still demanding his own freedom daily. It seems almost impossible to meet his needs, with deep insecurities on one side, and absolute confidence on the other.

Leo Man With Children

A Leo man truly enjoys time spent with children and young people in general. As a parent, he tends to be focused and a bit strict, a father figure that has a firm hand and even firmer opinions. He will face a problem as his child goes through the phase of dishonesty, this being one of his biggest fears. The most important thing this man has to be careful about is his dominant role in the world surrounding him. Depending on the character of the child in front of him, he can be quite difficult to follow, especially if he doesn't have enough patience to embrace emotional outbursts of his offspring. As he builds up his inner world of feelings, it gets easier for him to show his true, incredible width of respect that will help him influence the healthy self-awareness built in each child he comes to contact with.

Leo Man at Work

This man is a hard worker and someone who really has trouble facing authority because of all the efforts he puts in. The main problem seems to hide in his inability to rest and his conviction that there isn't really anything he isn't capable of doing. If he doesn't connect with people on a personal plane, there is a great chance his efforts won't be seen as valuable as they are, or might be understood only to a certain point, disappointing him and lowering his general expectations from work. He needs to become his own boss, or have a boss of integrity and a strong character, able to shake things up and make him remember his inner everlasting fire.

Appearance of a Leo Man

A man of strong will, loud, and of powerful physique, a Leo has to show character in every centimeter of his body. Although his appearance varies greatly depending on the position of his ascendant, a general rule is that he will have a warm look on his face, rounded, cuddly ears, a big smile, and strong shoulders. This is a man with an obvious focus, attractive even when he isn't in his best shape. In a typical Leo, his stomach is flat, his eyebrows wide, and his hair either thick and strong, or completely gone. He wants to look clear, as if there isn't anything shady about his choices, and his clothes will usually be of several plain colors, his style simple but fancy, and his shoes expensive.

Leo Man With Money

A Leo man is an extremely gallant man with a strong desire to do well for those around him and create an image of a giver and someone who has something to show and share. This can be a problem when his ego won't let him accept jobs that allow him the commodity of his lifestyle, and he could have real financial problems if he doesn't make a solid plan he is able to stick with. If he uses his powerful personality for creative efforts and a career built in lines of work that truly inspire him and make him happy, the money will simply keep on coming, and he will happily invest it in his business furthermore. Choices that are in sync with his character make him much more reliable and self-aware, turning his focus on practicality and everything he should save for.

Convictions of a Leo Man

This is a man with a strong belief in initiative of any kind. He is convinced that it is smarter to make a stupid move than make no move at all, and you will often see him choosing to take a risk, against his somewhat conservative and tied up nature. He seeks guidance in his basic instincts and his body, and always has a lot to learn about primal energy, his real state of power, and grounding that leads him towards his goals with ease. Once he builds a healthy relationship with planet Earth, everything he imagines can be brought to life.

Goals of a Leo Man

He is interested in finances, sometimes a bit too much, working towards this goal only to build the image of something he wants to become. Unfortunately, when this turns into a chase for money without any awareness of the creative, tender side of his personality, he will have to face failure and turn to something new and a bit more satisfying. This chase for goals he is on really isn't about finances at all, but about his own sense of value and everything he needs in order to reach a truly hedonistic state of existence. He wants his senses at peace and every one of his physical needs met, creating an environment that supports every chocolate cake he wishes to eat, as well as his need to sleep all day long if this is what he craves for.

Leo Man In Friendship

Friendships are a breeze and a tool for information gathering for a Leo, for as long as they don't go too deep into the emotional world. When they do, they become brotherhoods, family, or something similarly intimate, and won't ever go back to simple “breezy” friendships again. As a representative of a fixed sign, this man gets easily tied to the same people for years, nurturing their presence through small things, constant communication, and enough freedom to make them all wish to come back for more. Although he can be the dominant male in every group, this usually won't bother those he surrounds himself with, for his energy, warmth, protective approach, and his smile, make everything in his friends' lives better.

Dreams of a Leo Man

If we scratch beneath the surface, we will see that a Leo man is in a constant search for his own feeling of home and belonging, looking for peace wherever he goes. He needs his own cave to crawl into, to refill his batteries, and always dreams of finding a safe haven that will guard his greatest weaknesses and make him feel as strong as he needs to feel. This man dreams of a traditional family, someone he can be intimate with, and a nurturing relationship with his parents and everyone around him. Each small step made towards living this dream gives his heart a strong push in a direction of finding light, gratitude, and childish joy.