Leo Monthly Horoscope

Love, Career and Health Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Horoscope: MONTHLY Feb 2018 Change Sign

Love - There is a karmic force at work in relationships this month – things will not go as you expect, and you will have to accept how things are and work with the situation as you find it. It can be a time of strange coincidences and chance meetings; information can come to light that has been hidden for many years. It can often be hard to interpret what you are learning, and you cannot rush yourself; you really need to take the time to sift through the emotions and see where it is all leading.

Career - They say the harder you work, the luckier you get, and while sometimes that luck appears to be on the slow boat to China, this month the luck is on the fast train and will reach you with the dividends of your hard work and courage quick enough to satisfy your ambitious desires.

Health - Relationships with others (both love, family, and friends) can revitalise you and promote self-love and emotional well-being. Even if you have become cynical about life and people, someone can reach out and touch you in a way that alters your perceptions and encourages you to trust again.